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  1. I don't fucking care about these "I don't fucking care" memes. Shut the fuck up about not fucking caring if you truly don't care

  2. Well someone’s gotta say something. Is it wrong to vent my frustration towards something so overdone?

  3. Nah it's fine I'm just being meta and playing along. You'll always find a response much like the one above for every one of these "shut the fuck up about..." memes. It's like a cycle

  4. Yeah honestly. Mineta is still worse though, just cause being a pervert is literally all he does

  5. yeah, honestly I think mineta deserves all the pain he gets from the girls he’s creepin on. would pay to give him a nice kick in the nuts

  6. You'd absolutely love Kazuharu Fukuyama from Girl's Bravo

  7. I mean, I can see reasons why he might want one to take the company car -- the company pays for it and they probably want employees to use it to justify it's existence, and it might have the company logo on it to make it more clear to the client that you represent the company -- but if he's just being a snob about stereotypes against taking the bus than he's just a Youtube.

  8. I love the new YouTube as a bad word trend

  9. I love that stupid people often neuter themselves. Saves me the trouble

  10. Okay but seriously - who still buys blu ray discs

  11. It's a good way to directly support the show and influence whether or not it gets another season, all while being able to watch it regardless of which streaming service is running it

  12. Hey, who broke this poor cat's eye! I'll kill em!

  13. Now before any of you guys come in barreling about the conditions around this statistic or whatever, please remember... it's just a meme and we're all having fun with the apparent irony of the situation

  14. I tried a bottle of some sticky rice wine at a marketplace similar to this. Tasted great. Bought a bottle. Brought it all the way back to Scotland and one night opened it up and it it was just water with food colouring in it.not as if I could take it back tbh

  15. Wow man, some people. Can't wait for them to get busted by a guy who opens the bottle and starts drinking right in front of them

  16. I know Crocs are never really "friendly" with anyone, but I'm pretty sure there are some who just don't give a shit and are at least chill with humans. There's literally a guy in Japan who lives with one and walks it every day and kids will come up and pet it

  17. They should both be weak doge, cus bullies are weak

  18. I find it weird that nobody flinched at the guy slaughtering a bunch of the spectators. They do that a lot in old anime

  19. Like the other commenter said, the spider lily represents death in Japan, among other Asian cultures. As a result it's used a lot in horror media. Think of it as serving a similar purpose to an ominous flock of crows

  20. Excellent explanation and analogy my friend

  21. ux3l says:

    Hmm, eggs at warm temperatures over many hours...

  22. If you don't pasteurize them, they last quite a while at warmer temps

  23. Just a question, but how does this,or feats like it, raise money?

  24. That's exactly the kind of thing I love to see parents doing with their kids

  25. You should get in touch with the guy who makes the Becorns

  26. Pretty sure that's at least half the reason they did this

  27. this. Rakna Kadaki and Great Wroggi I refuse to have a hand in killing unless its afflicted

  28. Exactly! I never kill Glavenus cus it's my favorite non elder dragon, and man I really wish I didn't have to kill Valstrax

  29. Don't dreadnoughts go through a completely different life cycle?

  30. Goku nearly destroyed an infinite universe with clashing punches... And he wasn't even trying to

  31. Yeah but he's gotta scream for episodes first bro

  32. DB haters always say this knowing nothing about the show, yeah they scream to build up ki but it's never for episodes at a time. Learn something about the show before you try talking

  33. Bro calm down, this is exactly the kind of thing this meme is making fun of. I'm just messing around and poking innocent fun at a popular anime. This isn't politics, there's no hate here

  34. That is no longer technically correct. Practically, yeah it's not getting destroyed or created, but crazy space shit can turn matter into energy and vice versa. Energy is always conserved

  35. Most people who order design like this are tasteless. Check out Putins Palace. Its is like that and its terrible mixture of all things «I want it to look Luxurious».

  36. There's this middle eastern healthcare mogul who's been building this mini taj mahal looking mansion with all these trimmings in Tampa (in the ghetto no less). It's been like 6 years and they still haven't finished

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