1. Can I ask for your reasoning? Do you not think Pickett has the best chance to take the reigns in Pittsburgh?

  2. First week of camp was really bad from what I’ve read; however, he’s been doing much better the last few practices.

  3. I agree. No need to jump to conclusions but some people do.

  4. Not saying it’s going to turn out great or anything but I drafted the guy in almost all of my dynasty leagues.

  5. I traded him for 2022 1.08, 2023 second and Kylin Hill.

  6. Prove, no. Provide evidence for, yes.

  7. Sort of tried this last year in a dynasty league by drafting Waller and Kittle pretty early. I had a major hole at running back. Still won my league from the sixth seed. Amon-Ra and Berrios carried me, lol.

  8. I’m fearing it with Zeke so I traded him for 1.08 2022, 2023 2nd, and Kylin Hill.

  9. I have both in a dynasty league, and I even have Kylin Hill.

  10. “The question I get asked by religious people all the time is, without God, what’s to stop me from raping all I want? And my answer is: I do rape all I want. And the amount I want is zero. And I do murder all I want, and the amount I want is zero. The fact that these people think that if they didn’t have this person watching over them that they would go on killing, raping ram[pages is the most self-damning thing I can imagine. I don’t want to do that. Right now, without any god, I don’t want to jump across this table and strangle you. I have no desire to strangle you. I have no desire to flip you over and rape you. You know what I mean?”

  11. I’m against it in most instances for the reasons mentioned by others. However, some crimes are so heinous (think children being tortured, raped, flayed, etc.) that the criminal doesn’t deserve life. That said, you have to be certain that the accused is guilty.

  12. Braxton Berrios had some very timely performances for me last season to help take home a ship.

  13. 12 team, full ppr sf dynasty: Team A. Zeke Elliot Team B. 2022 rookie 1.08, random 2023 2nd and Kylie Hill.

  14. I love this for Team B. I assume Team A is competing?

  15. Team A is competing. Team B is last year’s league champ.

  16. I’ve been listening to Libel the Bible on Spotify while I walk, two atheists reading/reacting. They are entertaining.

  17. The elderly vote and they aren’t going to support that.

  18. My dad is 76 and has never been able to swim. He gets too scared/nervous for some reason. He even tried taking lessons around 10 years ago.

  19. Go jump off the Empire State Building and have a bunch of religious folk pray to save you. I suspect it’ll show that the theory of gravity is a more reliable way to live than prayer.

  20. Don’t around 40% believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible? I feel like I read that somewhere.

  21. I coach T-ball. After a game a parent said to me “thank you for all that you do.” I’m awkward and didn’t know what to say. Eventually, I think I mumbled thanks.

  22. Maybe try practicing at home with someone in the batter’s box?

  23. I see no problem with going to bed with your child. Eventually the time will come when they kick you out. They aren’t going to want you there forever.

  24. Turning them off to the game because they clearly weren’t having fun.

  25. If my kid has fun and makes friends, I’m good! 👌

  26. Similarly, my 5-year old asked me if we could just look up the answer to what happens after we die. I told him that, unfortunately, there are some questions that can’t be looked up at this time in human life. I told him that nobody really knows. I also told him about many of the different ideas people have. I also explained that is why we need to live in the present and cherish every moment we have.

  27. My wife’s ectopic was coded as an abortion but I know nothing beyond that.

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