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  1. I enjoyed the first season of The Walking Dead, Silent Hill 2 (Ben made it bearable for me) & Deadly Premonition.

  2. Absolutely agree. I think a lot of it is just the voice and the delivery of the lines. Adam Harrington does an AMAZING job. He wasn't one of the bigger names in the Telltale pool of actors when he was cast as Bigby, lots of people thought it would be someone else, but I'm so glad it's him. He is Bigby.

  3. Snow from Fables (the comic, as well as the game) is one of my favorite characters in literature. She's been through hell, but she didn't let it make her a victim or live in her victimhood. She's a strong woman, but also infinitely compassionate. One of my favorite quotes from the comics is "Brandish thinks his heart is cold? Mine's been made of stone since I was a child. Monsters of the woods couldn't kill me. The armies of kings, sorcerers, and empires couldn't. I'm Snow goddamn White. I look after myself. I look after my own. And I never lose." In the game, it's probably "I'm not yours to lose! I'm sorry. I know it's dangerous, but I'm not helpless. I can take care of myself...I've been doing it for centuries." She and Bigby are wonderful together, but she doesn't need him to complete her. The compliment each other and bring out the best in each other.

  4. That's why she was always kind of into Bigby if she didn't need him? Lol, Snow White is the most known of all fairytales, but in the original Fables, not talking about the separate versions, Snow's character is for the most part about what she is to Bigby, I mean, Bigby is the unspoken protagonist of the series and how she turned him into a good guy from a monster, after.

  5. She didn't need him, but that doesn't mean she may not have wanted him/welcomed him in her life. She didn't need him to rescue her in the traditional fairy tale sense. She's a strong woman and would have been fine (though admittedly not as happy or changed for the better) on her own. Having Bigby in her life added to it and gave her a new perspective/purpose.

  6. To the person who said she wasn't bullied, she was avoided, you are spot on. As someone who works in education, I've had to have this conversation with (usually very young, early elementary age) students often: just because someone doesn't want to be your friend does not mean they're bullying you. Everyone does not have to be everyone's friend, everyone does not have to accept everyone into their social group/friend group. And that's okay. As long as they are still polite and kind to you, that's what matters.

  7. Why are people still blaming the parents for the behavior of a 33 year old grown adult?

  8. It's not that people are blaming the parents. But it is a parents job to provide guidance and intervention for their child when they are a child/minor. Had they done their job, maybe Trisha's life would be different. Trisha is a grown woman and has been for a while and regardless of her parents' actions or inactions, she still has to take responsibility for her own actions and decisions. Plenty of people have shitty parents and aren't shitty people.

  9. I consider myself a pretty steely true crime fan. I can listen to or see most things. It's not that they don't affect me, but it's sort of like I can remove myself from it, if that makes sense. This one would be really hard. I watched the documentary on Amazon and had to stop several times.

  10. Please don't disrespect such an iconic couple. Miss Piggy and Kermit may have been through some rough patches, but they have kept private matters private. And Miss Piggy has clearly gone to anger management and does not karate chop Kermit or others as much as she used to. She is WAY classier than Trasha ever will be.

  11. Oh, no wonder she's really into watching Desperate Housewives lately. I bet Moses gets sick hearing about every man she's slept with!

  12. I mean, I feel like Moses knew what he was getting into. Every single one of her relationships is online and she's revealed explicit details about every single on of them.

  13. She was honestly very pretty before. Even with some of the surgeries she had. It makes me so sad…

  14. Agreed. She wasn't a natural beauty, but she was pretty in dare I say, that Anna Nicole way. Anna Nicole wasn't natural either, but she was still a stunner in her glory days, her Guess Jean days. Trisha hit that around this point and then she just kept finding things to change and ended up like she is now. I think it's a reflection of her own massive insecurities.

  15. If Trisha winds up on American Greed because she killed Moses for the insurance money, I would flip. It’s already wild when my hometown comes up in true crime documentaries because of the Scream movie franchise.

  16. Do not feel embarrassed bringing it up to a therapist, they've heard lots of things that are far more (what some would consider) embarrassing or weird. They may have changed the topic because they want you to bring it up in your own time. If it makes you feel better, write down what you want to say and if you find you cannot say it yourself, just hand them the piece of paper. I think you'll find that once you've just said it & gotten it out in the open, you'll feel a lot better, because then you can start looking for and working towards solutions.

  17. When he talks about how at least the prequels didn't ruin Han Solo.

  18. Snow went through some serious trauma in the comics that I don't think they address in the game. In the game, she seems less hardened by life than she does in the comics. I like both. Sometimes you have to make adjustments when you adapt one piece of media into another form. Snow is still a strong female character, hardened (to different degrees) by her life experiences. My favorite quotes of hers from the game are "I can take care of myself. I've been doing it for centuries" and "I'm not yours to lose!". The spirit of the character is the same, I feel.

  19. Please go to the doctor. A few moments of being uncomfortable is better than suffering or it leading to bigger problems.

  20. Thank you for the replies. I went to the doctor and (I'm assuming because the surge in Covid), they had me do the swab myself. Doctor didn't even look at me. Told me to keep using Aquaphora cream & I should get results by Monday. Ugh.

  21. My 83 year old grandfather LOVES westerns, but lacks the ability to play a game like this without getting very frustrated (arthritis, delayed reaction time, etc). I showed him a play through without commentary. He really enjoys it.

  22. Not that it's much comfort, but I live in Frederick & am a teacher in Loudoun County. We get threats like this all the time as well. Kids these days (as old as it makes me feel to say that) don't remember Columbine, they don't remember Sandy Hook...they were too young when even Parkland happened. I feel like it's a joke or a game to them. It's sad and it's sick.

  23. Her face when Arthur put Abigail on her horse before his final ride & tells them they're good women. It's all silent acting, but you know exactly what she's feeling. She knows this is goodbye, but she's trying to stay strong.

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