What the fuck is happening on the west coast?

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  1. yo op i am a vermonter who just relocated to PA!

  2. Yeah that's the thing about the west. There's a lot of beautiful scenery there but it's dry as a bone. The east is less awe inspiring but more alive. Take your pick.

  3. Oh, so it was never about solving mental illness, it was about purging the "weak" from society. I wonder if there's a name for that ideology.

  4. Why do abortionists always bring up rape as if 96.73% of abortions are performed on rape victims. Rules have exceptions and laws can have clauses for this kind of crap.

  5. The new Texas law doesn't have an exception for rape. I expect that future anti-abortion laws in solidly red states will not have rape exceptions either. It matters a lot for the people who are affected.

  6. What happens when the 18 wheeler smashes into you WITHOUT the car?

  7. It's easier to run 10 feet to dodge a semi when you're standing instead of sitting strapped into a car seat.

  8. Got my top surgery today and it’s funnier than ever that we live rent free in the brains of these fools

  9. I'm sorry you had to read this and I want you to be able to live your best life. The bigots are getting louder because trans acceptance is becoming mainstream and they know there's nothing they can do to stop it.

  10. I'll file this under "things people say when they don't like what you've said but can't argue against it"

  11. You and I are both aware of all the counterarguments to everything you said. Every day there are hundreds of comments on PCM making the same exact points. You're just here to propagandize, which is fine, but you genuinely sound unhinged and I hope you're ok.

  12. It's unhinged to oppose people with serious issues being given the power to remove organs that offend them? Next you'll be saying it's unhinged to oppose pedophilia, because "they're young at heart"

  13. Anyone else see this occurrence as evidence of the ever-increasing-over-sensitivity happening across education, media, politics, Hollywood? Kind of surprised we haven’t seen some Emily’s saying this is evidence of the patriarchy or some bull…

  14. 200 years ago, people would literally challenge each other to a duel over a petty argument like this. Society today is a lot more tolerant.

  15. As a life long democrat voter, I’ll say I would vote for Desantis in a heart beat. He’s done amazing things for Floridas economy and he’s way more sane than the trumper brand of republicans. I just don’t think I can bring myself to vote for Biden again. I genuinely think Desantis would absolutely smoke Biden.

  16. Voted for Obama twice, Hillary, and Biden. I’m also way too old to be wasting my time talking to the teenagers on this sub. I just appreciate the memes

  17. And you post frequently in Conservative, Libertarian and PCM but not in any vaguely liberal sub? Confuse

  18. Can't wait for the moment when you realize your parents raised you with cringe political beliefs.

  19. Businesses in general, not just Vail, are not great at the "stop being so attractive to customers" thing. Businesses tend to fix problems that stop folks from coming and not the other way round

  20. Concert venues sell a limited number of tickets. So do airlines. Restaurants turn people away until they have a free table. Popular ski resorts need to realize that they are up against the capacity of the local infrastructure and the laws of physics. The corporate philosophy of "grow as large as possible, as quickly as possible" does not apply well to individual ski mountains which are limited by road capacity and acreage.

  21. I mean, is that so strange? People like to live where the cost of living is lower

  22. Be careful of this guy. The source he quotes comes from a news page with the headlining slogan : "Our Growing Real World Intentional White Community".

  23. The one time I wish someone would dig through my post/comment history and they don't do it. Go fuck yourself, PCM troll.

  24. Then why would you even go there? Why use it as a source? Those places just spew shit. Even if it is accurate, who in their right mind would trust it, or anything else coming from a place like that?

  25. This one cites the source for every part of the speech lol. Look them up if you don't believe me.

  26. Unfortunately it’s a Neo-Nazi and white nationalist website. It could be better if you posted a more mainstream source

  27. There is only 1.7 % intersex people at maximum.

  28. science isn't awesome. It just is. And generally, it sucks, is a lot of fucking hard and 90% soul-breaking busywork.

  29. There is no better tool for mapping the universe than science. But there are many problems with science articles:

  30. Science is awesome. Science journalism is shit. To the point where it's made people lose respect for science in general.

  31. Even the post isn’t claiming gay people are mentally ill, though? It simply points out that gay and bisexual people have a higher tendency TOWARD mental illness. The post does not equate gayness with mental illness.

  32. Well known troll on anti-hate communities + frequent PCM poster = worthless opinion

  33. Damn, you’re so liberal and progressive. Instead of engaging with what I’ve said at face value, you dig through my comments until you find something you dislike. And then you completely dismiss my opinion as invalid.

  34. You came here in bad faith and it's a waste of my time to respond to you. Now begone before you get your sub banned for brigading.

  35. It's a mindset, no? Look at how obscured this one story is. If you don't think it's being done on purpose, that's fine, I do. It enables select groups(small mind you) to feel morally superior.

  36. They took aunt Jemima off their packaging because it's weird to put a slave caricature on pancake mix. There's no deep state conspiracy here. If you get your history from syrup bottles then I honestly don't know what to tell you. What are you going to do, ban companies from changing their packaging because you are afraid of adapting to the most minor changes in your environment?

  37. I haven't asked you to try to ban them from changing the brand, have I? I'm just trying to share the actual story that no one seems to know. Isn't that a larger problem, that everyone(as in everyone who agreed) was quick to agree, yet know nothing about what they're agreeing to?

  38. Aunt Jemima is based off a vaudeville character performed by an Italian in blackface. That's straight out of your Wikipedia article. Do you really think that's history worth preserving?

  39. Please remember that anyone who sits at a table and talks with a fascist is themselves a fascist.

  40. That doesn't even make any sense. What happens if you talk to a fascist and then talk to someone else? Wouldn't it multiply exponentially until everyone on earth is a fascist? That's wild

  41. I mean, duh, being at the receiving end of societal hatred will do that. The funny thing is, the study was done with trans people a while back and found out mental stability increases by 95% when just one parent supports them. Probably just a coincidence though.

  42. I’ve heard that we’re just conservatives that want to smoke weed

  43. I said that and I'll stand by it. Conservatives who smoke weed and didn't like the Iraq war. Libertarians fall right in line with conservatives on all the culture war issues.

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