1. Sorry Putin, It's not the worst day. It's only the worst day so far.

  2. The clowns won't have Ukraine to help them build a military this time around. It will all be Russian...dear God I just fell off my chair laughing.

  3. Almost 5 o'clock. Happy hour soon... maybe not so happy hour for the uninvited scum.

  4. Brutal work. More heroes doing the awful work that needs to be done.

  5. Wapo is a world-renowned, credible, and storied newspaper publication for generations.

  6. You are out of your mind. I used to deliver that newspaper when I was a kid. The Washington Star was far superior newspaper. They might be something regarding that description during Watergate but those days are long gone. It's a tough go to find good reporting anymore. I'll give CNN international a nod, they seem to have been pretty good through all this. Domestic CNN... forget about it.

  7. Put them in a box with a goat and a Kadrovite for a few weeks to start.

  8. Kherson is Ukraine. Shit getting real now bitches. If you don't swim, you are fucked.

  9. The weed they get in Russia must be like 40 percent THC. They all mist be smoking that new strain Copium OG.

  10. No Russia didn't get shit. Putler and his corrupt band of thugs took the money.

  11. The Russians tell them to get tampons, the Ukranians get Manpads.

  12. A talk show without freedom of speech. So pathetic.

  13. I dunno where your "here" is, but unless it is in China, N Korea or Cuba, you don't. You might experience certain limitations, sure, but otherwise it suffers no comparison. As a person that lived under a communist dictatorship, believe me, when you don't have freedom of speach you cannot say it out or even mention it somewhere where it can be found and used against you.

  14. Try Facebook. I agree not the same as living in a dictatorship but the censorship game is alive and well. The argument is the same, protecting you from extremest views. It's all censorship, even if you feel good about it.

  15. We should stop the Kadrovite clowns from raping our new conscripts....this such a joke. Just come and die, that will shut you up.

  16. Just give em what they need at this point guys, they've more than proved they can be trusted with our kit. And if Russia wants a reason to escalte, they'll just lie and make one up anyhow, it really doesn't matter what we've actually done.

  17. I agree, and if those assholes escalate, I want this kit on the ground ready to go with trained people to man it. Don't wait prepare for what might be ahead.

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