1. Jellyfish are super cool, I love the episode, and I wanted a Friends tattoo that I hadn't seen a million times already.

  2. Thanks for answering. You're right, this is a unique Friends tattoo, and a funny one :)

  3. My best friend- our families are close- has just revealed he has a girlfriend. He hasn't told his family or wider circle, so I am EXACTLY in Joey's position. I feel ya bro.

  4. If Chandler’s father solely identified as a gay man who only cross dresses for his drag show, instead of as a transwoman, I don’t feel like Chandler’s father would have shown up to his & Monica’s wedding presenting as 100% traditionally female.

  5. I agree. Personally I think Marta is retconning a bit by saying the character was trans. Or, if she was supposed to be trans, the writers conflated being trans with being a drag queen. That sounds deeply transphobic and overall stupid now, but in 2001 this may have been a common opinion/misunderstanding, or at least something the writers thought was plausible.

  6. Yeah I firmly believe she was supposed to be trans and they just didn’t have the understanding at the time (or make enough of an effort to find out exactly how to portray a trans character). The world, in general, has come a long way since 2001 in understanding the difference. People are a lot less ignorant now, regardless of whether they “accept” people who identify as trans or not. Gender identity seems to be more confusing to people than orientation. Chandler’s father (imo) was a trans woman who identified as straight or bi/pan (woman who liked men, possibly women too - that part isn’t clear other than she left his mother for a man) as opposed to a gay/bi/pan man who who “just” performed as a drag queen.

  7. Yep, and tbh thank goodness. Thank goodness Chandler's Dad looks daft, dated and homophobic now. It shoes progress has been made, people have been educated, and we have greater understanding and respect now.

  8. His later-series dimness is annoying, but I think his appearance on Pyramid, mid-series-10, is his funniest ep!

  9. yes! i always thought she was a caricature of a Jewish new york woman.

  10. Mortgage doesn’t transfer. Mortgage is a loan to buy that house for you. And u pay it back.

  11. Given the point of a mortgage is because most people can't afford to pay 10s/100s of thousands of pounds upfront, how are you expected to be able to do so when you want to move? Thanks.

  12. Sad? Yes. Depressing? I don't think so. Hope-filled? Well, not filled, but there is hope.

  13. Try it if you want, although there are a few Friends podcasts knocking around so yours might not get much traction. But if it'll be a fun thing for you and your wife to do, why not?

  14. Monica is the smartest in terms of the pragmatics the world of Friends and getting through the day-to-day. Phoebe is the smartest in terms of pragmatics of the wider world, and her strange wisdom. Ross is the smartest academically. Chandler is the smartest in terms of self-awareness.

  15. Omg seriously! Not that relationships between costars never happen, obviously they do, but they're acting. Acting as a couple doesn't mean anything about their dynamic as themselves. People need to stop tinhatting actors relationships.

  16. "But they had such good chemistry" people will persist...yeah, when they were pretending to be other people!

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