1. Had a buddy who had an apartment through them. I looked at a few options when moving back from University, but didn’t got for them myself.

  2. A fresh pressed consistency is more shatter like and glassy, jam is cured using heat and is more sugary/wet

  3. I wanna find this. Been looking all morning no joke. Probably 10 dispos. No 2.53s of anything i dont understand my luck lol

  4. RiSE downtown is the best. Nice people. Quick service. Never ever ever had to wait more than 10 mins.

  5. If your card hasn’t expired than you won’t need to pay the reaction fee. That is for the card itself, not your recommendation. Those can expire are different times.

  6. As a Browns fan, I love that they are slapping Lemon Slushee stickers over OBJ bags.

  7. I accidentally stumbled by their location heading home yesterday! Looked impressive.

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