1. Hey, I have a few invites for ipsy unti Feb 9 2023.

  2. Free ipsy glam bag invites available. 5 as of Wednesday Jan 18th. 2023.

  3. I say reuse the box for a gift box this holiday season and decorate it all nice

  4. I'm getting 2 of these. I got 2 glam bags and they both had this cream.

  5. Nothing and I emailed them and they said they gave me a we will look into it but never did blow off. I don't think we are getting it!

  6. I got it but havent used it since I am still using the ELF balm-- which I reallllly love btw.

  7. Another top notch review... I reallllly want the EYE CREAM!!!

  8. I have used the balance me cream and I feel like it did something good. I do have the AHA mask, but I havent used it yet .

  9. Nice bag! But I'm only going to get the regular glam bag in December...

  10. "$90" but it's reselling for less that $15 on eBay - makes me a little suspicious. Guess I'll keep hoarding my 3k+ points until next month LOL

  11. I got the wipes as a points redemption item .. I always end up washing my face anyway...

  12. There are two more items-spoilers in this photo, that I haven't seen someone to post yet. The brush and the brow pencil.

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