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  1. Currently working on Seeker of Ancient Vaults, opening 100 vaults. It unlocks the last piece of cosmetic that I can unlock and buy. After this, I have all the things, everything, all mine!!

  2. Currently in the process of collecting the last twenty some Breath of the Sea and commendations from the Pirates Life tall tales to finish out my complete "Sunken Sorrow" ship set, I just recently finished the Curse of Sunken Sorrow and have to move it on to the sip :)

  3. I need 5 more. I think they are bugged since the last update as I’ve noticed the breath quests disappear from my inventory at times.

  4. And there was me feeling proud with my castaway chest. Nice work!

  5. Contested world events are what make Sea of Thieves so special - loot stacks where no one fought over it are just boring. The fights make the stories epic!

  6. Totally agree. A lot of my fondest memories in the game are around contested forts.

  7. Bro stop whining about your gf in every sub when she’s clearly batshit bonkers. Everyone told you to leave her in previous posts but you didn’t. Grow a pair of balls and have some self respect. The relationship is dead, she’s probably cheated on you, and she’s mentally ill. Just dump her.

  8. Totally agree. Man’s in his late 20’s, a doctor and searching for constant advice on Reddit, of all places. Something does not add up to me, generally ignores any real advice about his situation. Really weird.

  9. You know what to do man. You don't need Reddit to affirm your feelings.

  10. I honestly don’t think he does looking at his post history. Oblivious to the red flags or choosing to ignore them.

  11. A good scotch egg, not from a supermarket but fresh from a butcher or deli.

  12. Immediately came to make this comment and it was top! Don’t ever scrimp and get those mini crappy scotch eggs. A travis to the mighty scotch egg!

  13. I dunno but my brother is like this. Makes me feel uncomfortable at times. He’s usually a chill guy but Jesus Christ he’s a different guy behind the wheel. It’s like he’s got Tourette’s when someone makes him brake.

  14. This fry stand is called Batata de Marachal. The guy you see there, Mr. Ademar, literally doesn’t believe in cheating his customers. Really wanna try the fries.

  15. He might make other united assets better (full backs for example) but i doubt he himself scores too many points.

  16. Well he did have a fanny pack on. Can't say I'm suprised he has a glass jaw.

  17. The only thing I really know about truffles is how potent their flavor is and you need to be careful to not use too much. Was this overpowering at all? And how much did cost to shave this much truffle lol

  18. Don’t mean to sound pessimistic but haven’t they been saying this for months now?

  19. These insane people have no idea of the terrifying tidalwave of violence that would roll over them if they somehow manage to get NATO of their ass and into combat gear do they ?

  20. I used to have a bit of sympathy for the level of brainwashing it’s citizens receive but that has quickly disappeared. Fucking deluded animals.

  21. I'm here. In the queue for morning coffee right now. This is my first glastonbury and it's not quite what I thought it would be. Very middle class. Yep. Full of youngsters in festival gear. Yep. Quite a lot of little kiddies in ear defenders being carted around. Yep. Everything hideously expensive. Yep. But it's also crazy amazing!

  22. I went a few years back for work purposes and a BMW X5 had been heavily vandalised and smashed up. People were using it as a toilet. Crazy scenes.

  23. Pretty sure this comes up every couple of years. Like I thought it was already a thing

  24. Came to say this. I visited a few times about 15 years ago and the rumours were still around back then lol

  25. Haha this is pace with that dumbass sunk graphic

  26. Streamer should just scuttle his ship and move on with his life

  27. Just saying what I see. Not debating if the streamer can scuttle or not.

  28. In the video the picture is truncated so you don't see the dead person (obviously NSFW):

  29. I’m a right guy, I like mine weak! Just a splash but extra cold

  30. You would be surprised how many people in the U.K. don’t even know where major U.K. cities are on the map. I was once in an induction group for a breakdown company where we had to match cities on a map. A few people were putting Scottish cites in England. They had no idea of our own basic geography, let alone Irish history.

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