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I had to borrow my daughter’s car today, because of Reasons. I’m a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy, turn 50 later this year.

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  1. Wow. This hits me to the core as a grown man. Thought I just had shitty friends.

  2. It’s common knowledge dude. Go buy a 5° Cobra driver like Bryson… hint, you can’t, it is literally a custom club. And it isn’t limited to Bryson wanting an extreme low loft. Tons of players play custom clubs we can’t buy. It’s like looking at NASCAR and saying that’s the same Camry that I drive.

  3. Well known. Tour vans on sight at every event to adjust weights, tweak shafts, grind wedges and irons. Back it in the 80's players were playing Callaway, TaylorMade, and Cobra forged irons......when they didn't even manufacture forged irons yet.

  4. Counter offer: Fuck off. Losers can't make demands. You've shown your hand. All of your military "strength" has been exposed for the world to see you are in fact weak and frail.

  5. My March Madness picks had DB getting eliminated first, because historical stats, loss record, and no real talent. Then CS, because of inherited risks. Coach Jamie D. has kept JP Morgan/Chase in the hunt, but they are the 800lb gorilla on the court with no real scoring talent. Wells Fargo is a surprise to everyone making it this far. Let's see if their luck continues. I see the wild cards being BoA vs BNYMellon. It all comes down to who has played the Washington Senators recently and who has knowledge of their playbook.

  6. As someone who failed accounting, but has 36 months experience trading(/s), I can't fathom anyone believing the crazy profit/revenue numbers Kenny is picking out of his ass. Look at the assets sold not yet purchased (DOJ/SEC/FED/Treasury). This guy is upside down...with no possibility of correcting it.

  7. So, if de-risking involves closing positions, it's going to a race to the exits sooner than later.

  8. It's not so much that UBS stepped forward. It's that everyone else stepped back.

  9. In fairness he has a severe traumatic brain injury from a motorcycle accident in 1988 and one of the most common symptoms of that is reduced impulse control.

  10. Sad. He was talented actor and just becoming a huge star when this happened.

  11. Would it be morally wrong to cull people not capable of empathy?

  12. It sure puts a new spin on ethically sourced meat, while making for a better society.

  13. Dude? A $3M beach-front-tropical island vacation home is pretty audacious. And jetting off less than a week after all hell breaks loose? Dude doesn't give a flying F about customers or employees. He is nothing but an exposed con man.

  14. So, in this photo, MayoMan is at a staged PR event to feign stability and profitability......and yet he still projects all of the opposite. Like he's on trial. It is not easy to look this bad/unstable in a custom tailored $5k suit and $400 shirt. Also, having no professional hair & makeup ready him for the stage? Makes me think he was in a rush to get a message out.

  15. I'm very hopeful and trust this MOASS will come to fruition. Because I truly believe we are people who believe that we can change the glaring wrongs with society (or lack thereof).

  16. The more absolutely stupid FUD I hear, the more jacked I get. No one would ever spend the time or resources to create this stuff if there wasn't a deep, vested interest.

  17. Both are ludicrously shorted. Therefore, a high enough jump in one will eventually cause a jump in the other. Not sure about the amount of time between the two.

  18. And it's not like the FED or FDIC is going to rescue HF's or MM's.

  19. I don’t think bbby will get dragged along without news, but I do think GME is primed for a small squeeze given this SLD period, OPEX and the lack of general liquidity.

  20. But....if SHF's start running for the exits for could actually cause a panic where some will run for the exit with BBBY. Same contagion as is happening with banks right now.

  21. With one family sized Toblerone bar straight up the prison wallet.

  22. will they use it to close hwangs toxic bags? nah, they’ll probably just use it to pay for astronomical swap premiums to kick the can another 2 years …

  23. This is the amount to cover their deposits. Almost a mirror image of what FDIC did for SVB. Unless some other idiot steps in with more than $150B, they will certainly have a structured wind down.

  24. At the very best, your broker hasn't even purchased shares until you want to remove them/DRS.

  25. All of those things (except the seat belt) pose a HUGE risk for accidents. I don't mean to be a downer, but the least you can do it tell her to remove the steering wheel cover or wrap it (stitch it) extremely tight, so it doesn't slide over the original wheel. Also, the emergency brake can save you from certain collisions. Don't put a freaking cozy on it like it's an accessory. Teach how to use it and how it works in an empty parking lot. An e-brake helped me avoid a collision on a wet road when a car crossed in front of me....setting me up for a 90* right turn - instead of hitting the car that stopped in the road. I didn't want to go right....but I certainly didn't want to collide into that car either.

  26. Active shooter drills are more or less the equivalent of the hide under your desk nuclear bomb drills schools used to have during the cold war. It's basically to help kids feel safe, not actually make them safe.

  27. Hey, whatever makes it ok for me to carry a semi-automatic weapon in public - I'm in favor of.

  28. If Blue states could legislate that their tax dollars can't go to Red states? They would be farked within 24 hours. Texas, Arkansas, and Florida can talk a good game....but they are absolutely, unequivocally reliant on their Blue nemesis.

  29. Already happening - Florida is one of the states that allows people to teach without an education degree (tbf I’m not sure how common this is, but I’m in a state where you need an education degree).

  30. There are even exceptions for military spouses to only have to monitor a certain number of classes to become "qualified" to teach. So far, most of these people have shown less comprehension/knowledge than the children they would teach.

  31. Bought in when RC did. Rode a wave or two. Cashed out at the top and bought back in at the bottoms. Was all fun and games.

  32. As stated in other subs, he is saying let it all burn. That is the best solution. In an open and fair marketplace there will be price discovery for the assets of all the banks that the FDIC chooses to close.

  33. Yup. I’m 2008 Ron Paul said a hard fast crash is better than long drawn out 3rd world constant restructuring and bailouts. Get the bad actors isolated and let’s heal.

  34. Thank you. I thought he was back peddling like a punkassbitch.

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