1. Doesn't need to use stickum with all the mucus his body generates from his allergies /s

  2. How is Kaprizov not on here? He was drafted in the 5th round in 2015 and outscored every single “star” on this list last season, finished 5th in the league right above Matthews.

  3. He will be when he crosses the 200 games played threshold

  4. The one who got away. Beane has done a tremendous job but trading away Wyatt Teller has to be his biggest mistake.

  5. I wouldn't consider it a mistake. Cleveland's OL coach is really good.

  6. Guessing Coan is going to be a first 5 cut for the Colts next week

  7. I'd like to find a way to keep Hodgins on the team, especially if he shows out this preseason

  8. Well yeah, that's automatic from the highest paid kicker in the NFL.

  9. Ronald Jones going from Bruce Arians stapling him to the bench in Tampa to not making the 53 man roster in KC

  10. Obviously this is the preseason, but you can already tell that our defense is flying around way faster than last years squad

  11. Spags got himself a squad now that he doesn't have to play Sorenson

  12. He is a seasoned vet but they have high playoff aspirations so you have to work out the kinks now. Can’t drop any games especially in a stacked AFC. Not saying I agree with playing him but I can understand the logic. Especially with how atrocious their offense was last year I think every position needs to be looked at in as close to a game setting as possible

  13. Yeah every win counts when you already have a loss penciled in @JAX

  14. "Clearly the Bears are leaving because there is no roof"

  15. Philip Rivers played an entire AFC Championship game on a torn ACL.

  16. Baseball is weird right now cuz we've got a mix of voters that look at things really differently. You've got the old heads that rely on basic stats (ERA, batting average, raw number accumulation, ets), the folks that rely on the eye test and individual awards, and the 'new' numbers guys that look at stuff like fWAR. On top of that, you have the various writers personal opinion of the potential HoFer.

  17. You also get the "This guy is going to get in, and I think he should get in, but I don't want the vote to be unanimous so I left him off my ballot" nonsense.

  18. would be great if we had a thread in which we could discuss what was happening in the game

  19. Don't know why everyone hates Matt Patricia. He's an intelligent guy and will no doubt make the Pats offence better than the fraud McDaniels

  20. Say what you want about Matt Patricia, but he never wronged Jay Cutler in his life

  21. I hope he looks at the down and distance, figures out what defense he would call in that situation and then call a play based on the defense he would call

  22. Use that sweet sweet LTIR relief to trade for another disgruntled star

  23. Michael Irvin thinks a pair of scissors is a negotiation tactic

  24. Good to see the numbers backing up that Tony Pollard is the best RB on the Cowboys

  25. Ravens and titans have some bad blood. It’d be funny if Tennessee played their starters to end the streak lol

  26. I wanna see the entire 90 man roster dancing on the logo

  27. He doesn't want people asking him questions about the Dolphins

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