1. You're smoking the wrong weed. I love weed. One of the only things that can make me feel calm, settle a panic attack, or make me focus and even be capable of enjoying a film or sleep. Alcohol is fucking horrible. Makes me feel physically unwell, angry, depressed, and like I want to implode.

  2. I quit smoking quite a while back, only edibles for me these days.

  3. Everyone knows thats the cure if youre cutting big ones

  4. Fysisk ansträngning! Gå ut och jogga/gå eller gör lite armhävningar eller något på plats! Få pulsen att gå upp ordentligt så ska du se att dimman klarnar upp lite. Koffein kan hjälpa också men ibland blir jag bara stressad och trög på samma gång haha

  5. Yes, tyvärr det sista man vill göra men ut och röra sig funkar.

  6. All i knows is i used to be number one cousin and now im being eased aside

  7. Little of column a, little of column b but more about recruiting i think. A gang like that is constantly recruiting, you have people going to jail for shit all the time and need some new corner boys

  8. Lets also not forget Bennys other heroic feat, he killed those two black guys terrorizing jersey

  9. ELLC always needs a recommendation, noob town is fun if you like the humor its a bit hit and miss. Hero of thera is good and i feel like it has alot of potential but the release is super super slow. Book 3 of primal hunter is out on audible today, saw that was on your list.

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  11. Good luck getting through, their wait times are insane right now

  12. What do i gotta spell it out for ya!! He fucks kids! Fuckin juniors for christsakes!

  13. Have you never heard of the transformative power of dance? Maybe Richie convinces the rest of the crew that they’re wasting their time in the racketeering and the arts is the way forward? Tony could do a one man show on the existential angst associated with leadership positions. Paulie could do some sort of brutalist dance, Chrissy could write something, Sil could paint. Who knows what happens?

  14. Chrissy did always plan on keeping a journal, get it published under his pen name

  15. Once you enter this family there is no getting out. This family comes before everything, before your wife and your children,your muddah and your fawtha. Its a thing of honor.

  16. Är vanesak, jag käkar edibles och dricker vodka varje helg. bra kombo

  17. ”Meckarn tänder i alla länder” är något jag hörde när jag blev introducerad för många år sedan. Numera är det skitsamma vem som tänder sålänge du passar åt vänster ^

  18. Absolut, jag var tonåring i tyskland många år sen och då sa vi ”wer baut der haut”, betyder den som bygger får slå. Så det är verkligen så i alla länder

  19. No it was meant to show Richie used to get his dick sucked in the dark in prison so thats how he has to do it.

  20. Om podds på engelska är ok kan du pröva Judge John Hodgeman

  21. He was like Paulie, “marriage and our thing dont give”

  22. He was the one man she couldn’t strong-arm with her only weapon, her pussy.

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