goat fried rice (OC)

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

Historical anomaly - greatest in eternity.

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  1. How does monster hunter have the best art out of any Fandom?!

  2. Oh yea, almost forgot that fucking Abe was killed. Still crazy to think about.

  3. Abe Lincoln died 1865 how are you still shocked about that?!

  4. I have no idea why people would watch porn without incognito mode or similar

  5. the indomitable human spirit when

  6. Why have I been My singing monsters everywhere in reddit comments?

  7. This is the new fucking top post of all time

  8. Something small that I just noticed: why is All-Back Man among the heroes in the last page? He retired after the Deep Sea King incident.

  9. Usually I order a hamburger and get fries on the sides, so a hamburger

  10. Come on dude, I'm not going to the gas station just to get you dorritos, Go yourself!

  11. My father bought souls from other kids at a church for 10$ and carried around jars with them.

  12. From what I've seen it wasn't classified anymore, you are just not allowed to share it

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