Greta Thunberg carried away by police during eco protest in German village

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  1. Hyper movement should be higher people think its bad because they prefer it when it was op but it still has plenty of use

  2. Super slow and does not offer enough protection tho

  3. The black shire from the beginning was my first go to horse and I was in pain when it died

  4. Fucking shit everything is overpriced especially homes and everything under pays. Communities no longer exist because everything is on the internet and food quality is getting worse every year and the worst part is I'm young enough to see that the future has so little hope that the idea of trying to make something of myself would be a bigger waste of time than watching reruns of shows

  5. How do you figure, you know it's a video game right? They wouldn't let me use weapons so I found a way around.

  6. so a lie and an admission of lie

  7. I don't think they're going to do direct retcons of anything except maybe shadow dragons for instance granola is basically baby so im thinking that's how they'll progress.

  8. You're an idiot if you think that is an incel opinion he pointed out that ugly men have zero redemption. Ugly women can wear make-up, wigs and all the rest ugly men don't have these ugly men can't hang their muscles up like women clean their faces

  9. Don't know why people are bitching only two units on here are mid for their teams it's a decent banner especially since 8 and Goku are really good

  10. I mean leveling up Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo or Gohan separately from your CAC's so you have an excuse to play as every character other then "Yay! They exist!"

  11. Ngl that sounds horrible. Xenoverse is a party game and online casual we don't need systems like that

  12. You never know anymore. They put in the effort to make DBS Gohan’s model look on point

  13. That's because it's a cast character they only need to make one model if they add orange they would have to make it fit all the body heights and widths as well as the head variations or be lazy like with the majin transformation and make you look like piccolo

  14. If I as a middle income earner am not considered in “need” of NHS care then I assume I will have every right to remove my NI contributions towards it?

  15. I’m not part of the problem. Why should I pay for the abuse of the system by others?

  16. A good parent always puts their child first like your mother is trying to do by being everywhere at once for both of you so no you are not the asshole and sorry to say but your sister does sound like one

  17. Yeah everyone plays this game wrong apparently you have to do what they want in an open sandbox pvpve game

  18. Are we getting different transformation requirements? I think they did that with gogetas eza

  19. For a man who wants nothing but privacy he sure does love to talk about his personal life

  20. There loss was amazingly done usually in sports anime there is some ass pull winter cup for one last try but they actually lost here and seido spent ages trying to get to the same level as before easily one of the best sports animes

  21. Here was me hoping it would be a broly and shenron anniversary to match last year's

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