1. I never got to apply to IFM but I'm gonna give you a big hug. :(

  2. I'm guessing this is lush downfall because what the fuck is this

  3. The "I hate America" argument sucks. Like we get it, we don't nerd to hear 1,000 times a day.

  4. Sounds like someone who's quite narrow minded. I wouldn't talk to them op

  5. They say Leos shouldn't date Pisces and in my experience they're right lol. Every Pisces I dated has faltered in loyalty because their feelings turn on a dime. And they have been so non-confrontational to the point that they didn't have a backbone. Just my experience 🤷‍♀️

  6. Well tbh, I can see why they probably post this. I guess a reminder that the Jim crow era was not the long ago.

  7. I think girls think it cleans out thier vagina? I honestly don’t know. But our vaginas naturally clean themselves on the inside. Steaming also messes up your pH balance which could cause all sorts of shit to start to go wrong down thier. If you meet a girl who does this, run away. She probably has problems with her coochie that she doesn’t go to the doctor for.

  8. Vaginas should not be steamed. They are self cleaning. If you think something is wrong go to a doctor. Don’t steam.

  9. Woman usually use these for spa reasons but they are literally just a fad to be honest.

  10. Their concepts & images really sell to young girls as fashionable & relatable teenagers while also appeal to older women as their cute little sisters/daughters.

  11. I think it's simply the fashion and aesthetic as well. They definitely found their demographic.

  12. Two things there. First, 1000 years is pretty much overnight in evolutionary terms. You should figure at least 30-50,000 years for noticeable changes.

  13. Wait, so quick question, if evolution doesn't have a goal, then why do we evolve? Is it due to circumstances around the world or environment?

  14. Random mutations happen all the time in living things. Most of the mutations really make no difference at all. But sometimes, a mutation means that the organism has a slightly better chance of survival in its current environment, and sometimes, a mutation makes it less able to survive in that environment.

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