ICC judges issue arrest warrants against Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova

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  1. Thank you! I'll take this weekend to walk around some areas then :) I've also been thinking about rosemont as it is really cute over there.

  2. I unfortunately rented one of them, I had my fridge brought in but been using a toaster oven n tea kettle, and rarely use my mwave, oh and a foreman grill

  3. Maybe it’s Tony Montagna, could be directions to literally anywhere or anything immaterial to the case

  4. I hear you man, I lock the crib n put my phone on silent every evening before sessioning myself into oblivion, my pets n some good records n movies are all the friends I need. My friends and I don’t share joints since covid, it’s a good thing actually….

  5. MoMs don’t usually post %s, but they’ll say something like, “this lineage regularly tests 20% - 25” it’s an estimate, an educated guess, a deduction

  6. Me when I say; you know w modern techniques, hydroform alloy is actually better for full suspension bike frames, especially when considering price and impact resistance

  7. I felt like we knew those kids in the first season, that’s good writing

  8. How do people afford bikes that cost more then a lot of cars. Not to mention maintenance and dr bills

  9. I agree. He doesn't look well over 200 lbs. He also probably looks imposing cause he is accused of murdering 4 people

  10. Maybe there’s dumbbells, plus resistance exercises can pump up pecs n biceps pretty good, he’s probably not eating too much tbo

  11. I read there are no weights there. BK doesn't seem like a guy who lifts weights. He's more into jogging and hiking and staying slim.

  12. Hé may not be able to do that in there, he can still do push-ups, sit-ups n dips, anyway, he’s probably more menacing in person, he looks like a ghoulish murderer in pulled over clip, just for a second, he’s still a coward predator though…

  13. Visiting Montreal Soon , was wondering on some quick tips for the average stoner . I know my sht but wanna be polite and respectful to the budtenders is tippin allowed ? Am I allowed to smoke in the streets ?

  14. No tipping, it’s like the liquor store, not in public but if you take your joint for a walk u should be ok, just don’t make a scene

  15. It’s the exact same increase I got, $35 but my rent is higher. It’s not worth moving if it’s within 5%. Moving causes stress, uncertainty, expensive, time consuming. It’s 420$ for the year, if u like where you live I’d just quietly accept it, landlords are raising it a lot more than that. Mine usually raises it $20, in 2021 he didn’t raise it at all

  16. You’d be surprised how landlords change their tune once you mention the names of forms you have to file to get tenancy boards to enforce laws. Many people don’t know their rights and get taken advantage of because of that… but the knowledge is freely available if you look.

  17. If it was an abusive increase I’d challenge it, $35 doesn’t sound like abuse to me

  18. I’m pretty sure if someone within my cats range was doing this it would be obvious who it is… most definitely male, under 30 yrs old, a loner , cop wannabe , wears camouflage n army jacket. Do u know what sort of projectile? Rifle or pistol?

  19. He was definitely with someone else and wasn't even driving the car himself. Hew as in the passenger seat and was shot in the leg. The driver was shot in the back.

  20. Some say he was driving by himself some say there’s 2 people, even today it’s not clear, I wonder who he was with

  21. I don’t think u realize they are a massive parasite, insatiable appetite for money n luxury goods. They steal everything, responsible for raising the cost of construction, they corrupt customs n border patrol, port checkers, airport security, baggage handlers etc… the current mafia is essentially made of clans of glorified cocaine smugglers. Sure the film is charming w an all star cast, the war hero storyline for Mike, a memorable recipe for red sauce. It’s an indelible cinematic document, possibly the finest motion picture of all time.

  22. I also felt a bit of sympathy for him. He seemed to be heading down a path of less violence and more rational control of the drug trade in cooperation with other gangs. It didn’t seem like he enjoyed murder, but he was fine using it. The overall murder rate of Baltimore probably would’ve gone down had Avon not come home so soon.

  23. Stringer thought he was mba but he was around 33 years old n still in community college. Trying to better himself sure but light years from an mba

  24. I read mafia books too, the problem is by the time a book has released it’s old news…

  25. Is it worse off? The show ended filming 16 years ago It’s probably about the same as it was, also it’s a tv show filmed there, it’s not, The History of Modern Baltimore in five acts documentary

  26. I’m scared of snakes and un tethered monkeys. I was waiting for my turn at pinball when I was 11 n this dudes pet monkey took a swipe at me n bared his teeth. However I believe I could be in a room w them n b fine

  27. Ovich means son of, he’s Vladimir, son of Vladimir

  28. Ovich means son of, he’s Vladimir, son of Vladimir

  29. Nice choices, I love those, try Vol 195 by bon voyage it’s good too

  30. My bf got his removed they only gave him Tylenol 3’s

  31. They gave me Vicodin es 7.5 an rx of 12 w one refill

  32. Must be niiice, my bf didn’t even get a refill 😭

  33. He will chill out eventually once his curiosity is quelled

  34. Wow. I never thought of kidnapping! My mind went from assault to mu**der. Thx. Something definitely to ponder.

  35. I also thought maybe he had a campsite in the forest that he planned to take her n that’s where he went after the murders to get rid of evidence and cool down n possibly listen to a scanner fir reports that never came

  36. Certainly a strong possibility. Gives me the chills. Everything about this case regarding BK is creepy. The crime itself is horrifying because of the outcome but also that someone seemingly intelligent and studious could possibly commit it.

  37. It’s randomness bothers me, a neighbour could be harbouring an imaginary grudge against you planning to do something and you are oblivious

  38. Mine is going up $35, I’m not challenging it, another tenant in my building is contesting his, not sure his amount tho

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