1. There are mentally ill women that are convinced they are pregnant when they aren't, and they believe doctors are evil/ignorant. They could be like three years "pregnant" and still believe it. There was a famous reddit story by a guy whose wife was like that. She had to be hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital. She was 100% sure she was pregnant with twins and was angry that the husband wasn't supportive. Like he wad trying to make her see reason and she would start to talk about what colour the nursery should be. Scary stuff

  2. This happened to a friend of mine after his fiance miscarried, but was convinced she hadn't. There were online communities that fed into her delusions of being 12+ months, so she refused to get the help she needed. He couldn't take it anymore and had to leave. Tragic.

  3. Ive been doing online pick up since my first kid was born 2 years ago. Best decision I’ve ever made.

  4. Same 2.5 years ago. We have gone a hand full of times when it started getting warmer just to get out of the house, but now with the + rates spiking, I'm back to online.

  5. I didn't read the whole thing because yuck, so I don't know if they specified 'after vaginal birth', but my besties mom made sure to tell me to wait the full 6weeks after C-section because she reopened her incision by getting frisky after 4. No fucking thank you. I waited MONTHS.

  6. Well damn I thought it was a bong lol

  7. They're having a Thomas the Train thing in a few weeks too

  8. The lack of financial knowledge or at least being smart with her choices can be due to her not having to pay for major expenses.

  9. Yea, my sister-in-law is a doctor from a waspy family in Connecticut who grew up rich (then had the financial rug pulled out from under them) but it's amazing to me how terrible she is with money. She is almost 40 now and is basically JUST starting her life, since she was in school for FOR-EV-VER, ran up a ton of credit card debt while in her residency because she HAD to rent a cute apt and HAD to have a new car. But she's finally making the $$ and she consistently blows it on such stupid shit. All the book smarts, zero street smarts.

  10. That’s true!! It can kinda come off as “don’t wanna be here” energy, even though I know that’s not the case

  11. "a less funny impression of herself" and "don't wanna be here energy" hits the nail on the head. Honestly The April fool's Surprise All Olivia's was hard to watch, it really didn't look like she was having any fun whatsoever. Someone else posted about it and deleted that there looked to be some side eyes by O at Kimmy's gremlin impressions, and I agree. Not sure if it was Olivia's energy or Kimmy's that made the whole thing kinda cringy for me.

  12. We have a Thomas the Train set and Percy is 'Pussy' every time

  13. I am drinking Arethusa chocolate milk while reading this thread...not practical for a gift bag, but the BEST chocolate milk available in the whole northeast, maybe the entire country. Mmmmm!!

  14. My cat is turnt on the scent of stink bugs. He loves chasing flying bugs and he has associated flying bug fun times with stinky bug stinky smell. He antagonizes them til they get stinky. Then he keeps antagonizing them.

  15. This is good to know. My son has one right above his tailbone. It would be easy for someone who doesn’t know to assume it was from hurting him.

  16. Great Taste in New Britain is the gold standard for Chinese food.

  17. This isn’t “on good terms,” this is a united front against you. But they sure like the nice things you provide to “their” family.

  18. Fr. If his ex was struggling for money so bad, there's no reason HE couldn't have lent her some, or gave up his present to her and said the phone was from him and His Actual Wife. It's honestly a bonkers thing for him to do and ask you to accept. SUPER sketchy. Jumping to a conclusion here, but could be he and Ex might be 'getting back together' (winkwinknudgenudge) and using you for what you're willing to give till you get fed up and break it off, and he(they) get away scottfree and you get the 'blame'.

  19. I don't even like taking my toddler to go shopping, so definitely not. Sounds like a very stressful time. And they won't even remember it.

  20. I have no advice, but wanted to chime in that my son is 26mo (though now I just say he's 2) and I feel/have felt pretty much everything you're saying. It's why I can't leave the sub, I feel like I STILL have PPD (undiagnosed, but I have struggled with depression for 20+ years and I know my mind). At this point I just figure I have shifted to regular old depression, but I still get so angry and have bouts of rage. I havn't sought the therapy I know I need, and I make excuses about my husband needing the time to work and the boy being too needy that I can't leave, but I think I'm just lazy and depressed and don't want to do the work and admit how fucking awful I have felt for 2 (almost 3 because my pregnancy and birth sucked, also breech C-section). I know I'm not as good a mother as I could be if I did the thing, and I hate myself for that too. I hate my body, but I've basically become a hermit so no-one besides a few family members and a couple friends have seen me, and I'm lucky that no one has made any comments because I would probably throw a punch or just snip snip them out of my life. Anyway, I'm sorry you feel this way, it fucking sucks, and it's all valid. If you can, please talk to somebody. I wish I had years ago, hopefully I get up the nerve to do it soon.

  21. This happened to me in highschool.high-school.. went to the counselor and she got shipped off to the psych ward for a year.. very awkward in the halls after she came back

  22. I called on my ex in highschool because he threatened it and he spent the night in the psych ward. I went to check on him after he got back home (bc I was an idiot /in highschool) and he was so pissed he keyed my car. Good times.

  23. Yea because no fucking person who wants to kill themselves wants to spend a night in that shithole, be lucky he didn’t kill himselfon your car

  24. Would you have rather I not called? He was pissed because he 'wasn't serious' and just wanted to scare me. But he was unwell regardless, and better safe than sorry. Always.

  25. Submit a written complaint to your TL. Be specific about days/times/shifts and how she is impacting you. It is MUCH easier as a TL to act on documented incidents. And, it is a real challenge to document instances of under-performance, because generally slacking TMs do work when their TL is around. So, just document it and get other TMs to document it as well. Be factual, specific, neutral, honest and limited in scope.

  26. This is the answer. Otherwise you'll just come across as bitching and moaning

  27. Southington is telling everyone, unprompted, that they're not with New Britain and Bristol even though they all arrived at the same time.

  28. Plantsville shows up all cracked out and starts trying to make out with Southington, even though they're cousins.

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