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  1. I knew as soon as I saw that super Jenny being touted as 40%+, it was a crock of shit

  2. Yep exactly It's all hype they're just putting numbers out there to get us to buy it. I've come across this same exact issue It states that it's 40%, you go to pick it up and it's only 26%. The really confusing part is when you look at the jar you have total THC and THCA and those numbers are always different but I know I those play into different components of how the terpene's work. It's very very confusing I wish they'd make things a little more transparent.

  3. ...I just looked at 7 labels from locally grown Total THC and Delta-9 THCA are all 2-3% off from each other... If I wasn't consistently getting 3g for $18 I'd probably be pretty upset by what appears to be shady testing.

  4. That stuff is the bomb and one of my favorites by them 🤤!!!! Enjoy 🙃

  5. Took all the negative vibes away and mellowed me right out.

  6. That is the whole reason it's one of my favorite strains by Galenas, It's legit and one of their few strains that's not dominated in the terpene Pinene, which tends to mess with my mental health in a negative way.

  7. Bro... !!!!! Is that price for an ounce ?? If so.. dayum.. that even looks 🔥 How are the effects ?

  8. I love this stuff this is my second time buying it, It's a heavy hitter. If everything I read correctly about this strain it's supposed to be a exotic strain. The first time I got it on sale I got 2.83g, so this time when I saw 14g for $90 which makes it like $7 a gram I couldn't pass it up. I really like Matter flower, It's fresh, It's moist, tastes good, good smell & the effects are amazing!! I also picked up Moonshine Breath again which has old school lineage from like the '90s and it's another phenomenal strain, It's a heavy hitter also and gets you going. Zero G is another phenomenal strain by them, they have a couple more I want to try but they're not on the inexpensive side.

  9. Oh wow.. nice to know . Man I've had my card 2 yrs and still haven't tried certain company's flower. Matter is one of them. Might have to try. Could be missing out on good medicine huh??

  10. I'm right there with you, I won't try certain companies flowers or I have tried them at least once and won't go back. Matters one I will go to in a heartbeat if I have to pay full price. Matter, Riviera Creek, Galenas are my top 3 go-to. Pure Ohio wellness is not bad If you're shopping on a budget.

  11. Dumbass, this is why you don't leave the pump unattended

  12. I can relate. It seems like Myrcene and Limonene are the two that I can count on. There are others i would love to try but i rarely see them. I'm guessing they are just way less common...

  13. could be less common or how they divya what goes to what dispensaries cuz I've seen stuff down in the Columbus area dispensaries that never make it up here or it takes them like 3 months if at all. Makes me wonder too if it has to do with the cultivators and where they're located and which dispensaries they can contract with. Because I've noticed not all dispensaries carry the same products and/or cultivators. I think some cultivators have a home-based dispensary. Like up this way we have amplified which is the newest dispensary that had opened up and they are Buckeye relief so of course they carry a lot of Buckeye relief products.

  14. Good point. For example i noticed you got your hands on Bio Jesus. I've been looking for that for so long! Occasionally the strains here seem to get shaked up a bit but it's mostly the same stuff all the time. But hey, it's definitely better than having to go to some guys house and sit and smoke with him before you can leave with your bud that could be anything. I stopping smoking for like 5 years before i got my med card because some strains just make me feel like I'm going insane and my anxiety goes through the roof. I didn't want to chance it...

  15. Yeah I didn't care for bio Jesus, and I think their grow up is out towards me so that kind of makes sense why my dispensaries would have more of it than yours. They just need to mix it up better lol Yep I'm right there with you I was tired of the back street bull crap of the games and everything else I quit for a while and then I got my card. I like the convenience I like the variety even though sometimes it becomes mundane and is the same stuff over and over again It's just so much easier and less stressful to get and to have. The way I feel about the program is there is 2 drawbacks the size amount of product that we get for the price that we pay It's way too expensive for that little amount that was the only plus side to go into some dude's house you knew you could get say an eighth for $40, but the drawback to that was you didn't know what you were purchasing except for what they were telling you.

  16. Damn that looks good I bet it tastes amazing. It's good to see that the new more potent strains are coming out in the vapes but I just wish the price would come down now.

  17. Oh yes, I want to say it's one of those carts that are like 50 bucks for 5 g. To me personally yeah we get enough points but I find it utterly ridiculous on price and I just can't see waste in a whole point on .5g. I'm sure you are getting what you paying for and by far the most potent vape out there but my budget does not allow for me to spend money like that. Now If i can find it on sale for a good deal then I can see trying it but not at full price.

  18. 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness | Adjustable Gentle Comfortable Control for Easy Dog Walking

  19. I trained my girl on this harness and second it. She still pulls when she’s very excited but the front clip helps a lot

  20. My trainer suggested this harness when I adopted my rescue dog. In a one reason my trainer highly suggests this harness over other harnesses is because it cannot do no harm to the dog's spine no matter which way they pull, twist, jerk and that's a selling factor for me and the front clip is a bonus for when you really need to get that control & their attention. My dog loves her freedom harness I don't have too many issues of her pulling. I actually prefer this harness over her tactical vest that she wears for her service work.

  21. One of my favorite strains for sleep. Still have some left as I rotate between that, Lemon Dosidos and King's Mustache. All great for helping me sleep. Thanks to your post I will be partaking in Bio Jesus tonight! Cheers!

  22. Unfortunately, I understand the plight of back pain/problems. There truly isn't anything that will eliminate the pain, but I have found that medical marijuana does help with the pain. I was on opioids for entirely too long, and developed "Opioid induced hyperalgesia", which had me in more pain than the physical problems themselves. Thankfully, I've been off the pills for a couple of years, and the pain is manageable, for the most part. For more intense pain, Ibuprofen and Tylenol work, too, now that the opioids are gone. Sorry to rant. Good luck with the back pain.

  23. I'm sorry you suffer with back pain also It's no picnic. In your correct there is really nothing that will eliminate the pain 100%, it may dull it, it may manage it but there's no true relieving of it, yes marijuana does help to extend but there's no true relief even with opiates which I've been clean for over 10 years now. I wish Ibuprofen and Tylenol would work but it does not do anything for my pain so I don't even bother taking them due to my issue I've had in the past with pain medication. Thanks and I wish you the best of luck with your back pain also

  24. It's just a free little spoon that comes with the concentrate so you can load it into like I do my puffco plus pen. You vape it just like you do a cart or a pod. But you got to make sure you have a vape pen for concentrates because a dry herb pen will not work

  25. Same one I got.. you're pics make it look so so good too

  26. Lol Great minds think alike. Yeah I'm a little mad at myself though I should have double-checked because I wanted dark rainbow and this one but That's okay It's still going to be good it'll probably be a good night time stran

  27. Sweet, can wait. I still have not partake since I've made this post everything else has been distracting me or should I say the crescendo diamond and sauce by Galenas has ADHD bouncing off the wall 😂 Okay finally I got to partake in some and OMG SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! I was worried it was going to have a gassy taste to it but it does not It's very smooth I can't wait to hits me fully and hopefully it knocks me off my backside till tomorrow 😂

  28. Dude thanks for the share that awesome and it made my day! One Happy🐢

  29. Older defected containers by Buckeye Relief they're well aware of it but they weren't going to go through each and every product to see which products had defected lids cuz I had same problem. I bought mine from Amplify and they had no issues returning it and refunding me my money.

  30. Check Elevate Holistic there renewal is $75 & $50 state fee.also Check Groupon because I seen on there here recently they were offering $68 for renewal I have seen other offers too. Also check Elevate Holistic Facebook page because there was a $5 off coupon on their page for renewal. But there was also I think a $10 coupon for a first timers getting there card. Elevate Holistic is very simple and easy to work with they're very friendly and helpful And you do everything on online via text and email to appointments video call. I just renewed so I did the research to find the cheapest but it's looking to be if you do online(most places) the average in Ohio for renewal is about $75 for the visit for renewal and then of course you're $50 for the state fee unless you're indigent then it's only $25. If you are indigent you have to send the state your paperwork via email and get approved for that prior to paying your fee If you do it after you pay your fee you won't get a refund. I learned the hard way last year. Renewal is so much simpler than your first initial appointment to get your card due to the fact you have your profile already set up with the state. The only profile you'll have to do is for the doctors if you change.

  31. Just saw this place about 5 mins ago. Probably going to use them next month to renew

  32. You can't go wrong, you will be very pleased using them.

  33. It’s called paperwork, whenever a product is returned and put through the POS and State tracking correctly according to BOP, lots of steps involved including quarantine of item, destruction of item, more paper work, getting their $$ back from vendor.

  34. Oh I know It's a lot of red tape and a lot of bs. But the biggest problem is they just really don't care cuz it's you problem not their problem. There's no such thing as customer care anymore

  35. I prefer that's no moon over biker kush. But they're both phenomenal strands so it's a hard decision just to pick one

  36. I like galenas. I’ve had very good stuff from them. That being said I was massively disappointed in the latest round of that’s not moon, laser sword space monk, salmon OG and biker kush. The biker kush was the only one out of them all that I thought was kind of decent. Very disappointing

  37. I really like That's no moon and Laser sword space monk. Biker Kush is not bad. My problem with their flower is it's too dominating in the terpene Pinene And also way too expensive.

  38. Mind giving me a brief review? Does it lean sativa or indica? What's it taste like?

  39. Sorry I'm one I suck at giving reviews cuz I can't really taste what the tastes of flavor to give a particular taste(former cigarette smoker and dentureware which definitely messes with your sense) but it's smooth and pleasant with no funky aftertaste and the high for me is phenomenal It gives me the boost to get motivated to get things done, talkative energetic, deep thinking on stupid stuff lol but then it brings you down to relax.

  40. Oh mine does it all the time, her favorite pastime dive bomb the grass and roll around like a fool until we're happy. Matter of fact we were in the woods today and she found some stinky mud/poop whatever went face first and was just rolling all in it and the weeds. Needless to say somebody got a bath cuz she was a stinky dirty mess but we hates baths cuz we are not a big fan of water.

  41. I like their flower I have not been disciplined with any of them

  42. Just renewed mine the other day. Check Groupon I just seen on there Elevate Holistic renewal for $68 or if not available then Elevate Holistic only charges $75 for renewal they also right now have a coupon on their Facebook page for $5 off renewal. They also do have a coupon for first timers looking to get there card. I paid $95 for renewal that included state fee. The average for renewal fee I have seen online is running about $75 for recommendation done online (virtual) and $50 for the state fee.

  43. Check Groupon I seen Elevate Holistic I think for like $68 renewal. They are very very easy to work with It's all done online. I just did mine for $70 and $25(indigent) to state through them. The average going rate for renewal is about $75(Ohio) plus your $50 to the state that's if you're doing your renewal online. I can't speak what it would cost if you were doing brick and mortar. Always double check the price before booking an appointment some places advertise as low as and then it turns out not to be what you're expecting And you end up paying more. Also was hearing the average for renewal in Ohio is running about $100 that's for both your recommendation and fee to the state. Renewal is very simple

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