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  1. I see this comment all the time and it annoys me. So once any company reaches a certain size nothing they do has any merit whatsoever???

  2. Any luck on fixing it? I'm still learning about all this so I'm curious to see what fixed things!

  3. Camera has 2 shutter speeds, low and high. Needle has to make it past that first step in the metal plate. In that range, high shutter speed will be chosen. Is needle catching on the edge of that plate? Can't tell from here. Next I'd guess there is something in the meter head restricting the needle. Could even be dead insect or insect casing. Does the mask that covers the selenium cell move as you change ASA settings?

  4. It's not getting caught on the plate and yes the mask is moving. I think opening up the cell is the only way forward, i saw some comments online talking about a risk of the selenium cell loosing calibration, do you know anything about this? i cant remember if that was in regards to opening it though.

  5. Weird question, but how much haze or varnish is on the selenium? My EE 2 was not metering correctly as well until I cleaned both sides of the meter

  6. By on the selinium do you mean the glass ring around the lens? Or is there a way to open it up?

  7. Although this is just the extensive police search. I doubt map of volunteer searches exists and would be very difficult to create.

  8. Have you taken any photos yet? I bought one a month ago and am still soldiering through the 72 photos!

  9. Yeah I agree, really annoying change. Why would you ever want the battery saver settings as that action, you can already turn it on/off with the widget

  10. It's a hex/Allen key. Not sure what size though

  11. We need some more full meal sausages. Fajitas sausage?

  12. Why do people keep saying this? 2042 did not sell well so obviously people did learn. Sales keep dropping.

  13. Do we know it didn't sell as well? Just because less people are playing now doesn't mean initial sales weren't similar.

  14. Yeah to be fair the issue with V was content not the fundamental game. At this point I've lost all trust

  15. I still don't have lyrics. I have contacted SpotifyCares forth times. First time I contacted them in December, they said it will be fixed in 2-3 days. It didn't. I contacted them again and again and they always say I should wait. The last time they didn't even answered.

  16. Same, I've been told it'll be fixed multiple times now and still nothing.

  17. Really interesting read, thanks for spending the time to put this together Dave!

  18. To be clear it's actually Dan Bodan - Fortress Europe.

  19. Ah I wasn't aware. I think I heard it in another video and this was the source in the description.

  20. Looks like a dermestid beetle larva, I have them in my Dubai colonies as well. Very useful for disposing of dead dubia, since they won't harm the live ones.

  21. is this a re-upload ?

  22. Yeah it was slightly annoying the other episode wasn't mentioned at all. This one was real good though

  23. Yeah, what that guy did was undeniably creepy, but they were like 15 and he might not have realized how over the line he was going and he probably thought of it more align to playing a prank in a friend. I think a lot of 15 year old boys wouldn't realize how scary and threatening those messages would really be. Doesn't make it an ok thing to do but it's the kind of dumb thing I can see a dumb highschooler doing that doesn't necessarily indicate they are a creep as an adult. I definitely have had friends send fake texts and stuff when I was young thinking they were being funny. They were real friends and not people who secretly had a crush on me, but still.

  24. Yeah came here to say this. Definitely creepy but it was high school. Sounds like they had a good relationship that got thrown away because of some high school drama that happened decades ago.


  26. Tidbits are coming back in stock at Amazon VERY soon — kits will be shipping early next week and should be in stock shortly after.

  27. Is the tidbit still on its way to Mechboards for EU customers or did I miss that? Thanks.

  28. It is indeed! I can’t speak to their exact timeline, but they should be able to answer detailed questions on that.

  29. How come they look different? In the old picture the middle is cone shaped whereas the wreck propeller has steps

  30. Nope. It's part of the Light Festival in Ghent (Belgium). You can see it's suspended by wires in a couple of the images.

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