(OC) this couple on my flight the other day

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  1. One of my families Model Ys replaced a Toyota Highlander. No regrets. Plenty of interior space for hauling around cargo and have towed boats and trailers with relative ease.

  2. BR/SH has the CHI/PHI HR promo again today (valid once per game for the entire series). Looks like Schwarber is the best option at +300 compared to other books.


  4. He was against Pujols in Round 1 and was like a -375 favorite. He may have tanked to allow Pujols to advance, but more likely he just had a really terrible performance.

  5. Any idea why FD removed the HR Parlay builder on their desktop site? It is still available on mobile, but gone from desktop which is fairly annoying.

  6. whenever I go to log into Foxbet, I have to wait for a verification email.

  7. As an immunocompromised person who has been literally made fun of for still wearing a mask indoors in crowded public settings, this comment section has made me feel so, so good. Thank you all for getting it and shaming the shamers.

  8. Making it even more painful is the fact that several of the recent bad losses I saw and bet just a few minutes before they were set to close. If my timing was a little worse (well, better) I'd have saved hundreds of dollars.

  9. Yes, just had this happen on my dads new 2022 Y. A service appointment resolved the issue. Wiring was not connected properly from the factory.

  10. So Pokerstars/Fox now requires a one time pin for every single login that they email to you, and the email takes forever to arrive? And they still auto log you out after 5 mins. That's just awesome.

  11. This was logging on from my computer. Haven't tried from my phone since the added security went in to effect.

  12. Honestly, I had a bunch typed out, but this is going to just end in an agree to disagree situation. Thanks for the example, you do what you will with your free bets.

  13. I for one would love to have seen what you had typed out. There is no arguing with math on this one. A freebet used on a +100 line is literally throwing money away. If you convert the freebet for anything north of 50% and then just bet what you converted, you come out ahead.

  14. Since you asked, where the agree to disagree comes into play is because of the overall thought process / actual gambling involved. I have been successful enough thanks to this sub that I actually will gamble some of my winnings and gamble some free bets and not just focus on guaranteed profits so I can have some fun and have something to root for.

  15. I appreciate you taking the time to type out your thoughts, and I understand the mindset of gambling with the freebets. I have stopped converting freebets at all, so we are on the same page there. That being said, if you are going to gamble them on a +100 line, you literally can make the same gamble on the same bet with the same risk ($0) but win more money if your bet wins when you convert first and then bet cash. You still get to gamble the same amount on the same bet, but you are leaving so much money on the table by not converting it to cash first if you choose to gamble on a +100 line. To each their own though, best of luck!

  16. It's not even EV since they upped the required playthru. So the way to approach it is to not approach it.

  17. This. It used to be one of the greatest promos ever before they changed it to 25% insurance and a way higher play though.

  18. To clear a $25 bonus you need to earn 50 points. Point are earned at different rates in different games, with the worst RTP slots earning 1 point for every ~$9 played, and the better RTP slots upwards of $16 per point. So the equivalent of an 18x playthrough on a $25 bonus that you only get if you lose $100 of real money first.

  19. Fanduel has the MLB big bomb parlay promo back tomorrow, where you can win between 10k to 50k in free bets for finishing top 10.

  20. FD freebets can be broken up into any amount you like. You get one lump sum and then can bet however much of it you want to.

  21. Hmmm, that's interesting. Is that the case whenever you get a free bet at Fanduel? If so, my life has been a lie and I had no idea. I thought you had to use the freebet all at once and if you used less than the full amount it was lost.

  22. As far as I know that has been the case for any and all FD freebets since they switched over from site credit a couple months back.

  23. Is no one picking Yordan Tuesday and Devers Tuesday this week? Are the odds not valuable enough?

  24. This is the exact formula I used and I went 4 wins 16 losses this week (12/60 on total bets placed as I bet each one three times) for a net loss of $270. Variance is fun.

  25. “After further review of your account, it is determined that your voided Odd Boost will not be credited back. In order for Free Bets to be credited, they must be straight wagers (SGL) or Same Game Parlay (SGP), voided Odd Boosts are not credited. If you need further assistance please do not hesitate and contact us. Thank you. Have a Royal Day!”

  26. This can't be ok. It gives them the option to void any boost that gets too much freebet action on it, and then they just get to keep the free bets. CZR support is the literal worst though, so I'd bet that whoever you talk to tomorrow will have a different answer than the one you happened to talk to today. Reminds me of the time that one told me they had to end the chat because I had my mothers name and birthdate wrong, and then the next said "thanks for confirming those questions" and proceeded to help.

  27. I think you might have to schedule a call with him on his iCalendar to work out the ass fucking details.

  28. Yup. Almost 10x more expensive for an arguably shittier platform

  29. Not arguably, it undoubtedly is shittier. And their emails are incredibly annoying.

  30. Anybody hit those FB MLB lines just now? Had HRs at +10000, but couldn't get my max $0.01 bets to go through. Got 12 bets through on player hits in the +315 to +450 range, and one on Gibson 5+ Ks at +725. I'm already limited to shit on there so not too worried about getting limited more.

  31. DK has a play $10 get $10 on Cash Eruption slot. Probably targeted.

  32. Have it but the game doesnt load.

  33. Saw it on the thread yesterday but DK has a blackjack game where it tells u the dealers 2nd card based on low med high card. Does anyone know what the game is called?

  34. Note the catch with this game, a dealer 22 counts as a push unless you have 21.

  35. "Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day, at dawn look to the east."

  36. Count me in! I'll gladly be a monthly subscriber at a reasonable price point, and am happy to help beta test when the time comes. Thank you for the work you are putting in to this!

  37. I’ll say it again: my $15-20 / month is up for grabs if anyone wants to code up a reasonable facsimile of OB. Had everything I needed in a decent interface for a fair price.

  38. My least favorite thing about Sentry is that rain triggers 97 events. It should be relatively easy for Tesla to fix this.

  39. The trigger in this case, was the tremendous BOOM of thunder we heard inside the house, which was instantaneous due to the close proximity of the strike..

  40. Yea I don't mind the this triggering it. Pretty cool to see actually. I just wish that rain sliding down the windshield wouldn't trigger it. And yes, audio would be awesome to have.

  41. Is it possible to use free bets on round robins on FD? seems like I can only do it on straights/parlays

  42. Nope. You have to manually bet each individual combination. Pretty stupid that they don't allow you to just use the freebet with the built in RR feature.

  43. Keep an eye on u34.5 Brown/Curry/Tatum on FD. Keeps moving randomly. I was just able to get a hedge in to make it a 3 cent bet on anyone but those 3 scoring 35+ at +499900

  44. I'm in. Hopefully FD doesn't view this as betting both sides of the same bet, seeing as they can't both lose.

  45. g860 says:

    Anyone have any insight into how long a Fanduel account review takes?

  46. This happened to my friend last year. It took over two weeks to fix, will continual support chats and emails.

  47. FD Freebets can not be applied to round robin wagers. Are you guys manually entering every possibility and just betting them one by one? So much more work.

  48. It’s more work but it’s undoubtedly better conversions.

  49. For sure. One of my 5 picks this morning voided, and two hit HRs. Converted $55 into $174. Very, very happy with that. Was worth the extra effort.

  50. Anyway, used some dinger freebs on Buxton, Tellez, Gorman, Joc, and Alvarez round robin. Let's go dingers.

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