1. I read here on reddit that these shampoos in sachets are not as good as the ones in bottles and they reduce the quality/ingredients a lot to make it affordable for 1 rupees and two rupees sachets. I'm not sure if that's true.

  2. I use Matrix fiberstrong shampoo. This is the only one that has helped me control my post COVID hair fall

  3. I will compare among XUV 700,harrier and Jeep compass......if XUV 700 will have long waiting period than will skip it and will look between harrier and compass and among these i will test drive and get my family opinion....

  4. You just lost the Cover for the tow hook. Take it to service centre and they would replace it. Pretty cheap part though

  5. I don't know about this sub but i am also a big fan of this car and love it.... such a great product from a Indian brand is just amazing

  6. Yesterday i saw two horrible accidents and i was driving so stressfully on highway.....first i saw a Harrier which toppled and almost fully destroyed than an ecosport which hit divider and toppled

  7. Once in three days means one time in three days, what do you not understand? Lol

  8. It's your wish if you want to rinse your hair every day with water, once in three days with shampoo feels sufficient for me.

  9. Ohh okay....sorry bro for such weird questions....i have this habit of rinsing my hair with water every time i take a bath....because all this years i was shampooing everyday

  10. You can mix the tret with little bit of moisturiser....i am seeing that by this i am getting tret benefits without alot of irritation and peeling

  11. Did you find any tinted sunscreen that workd?

  12. Yup maybe after some years I'll get a ev and if diesel engines will be banned in city than I'll just take the scross and will park at my village house

  13. I usually drive more in the city....and in city i want a engine which is more punchy and maybe a automatic....

  14. I’ve had terrible acne, and it used to come like sudden outburst and both my parents used to comment what have you done to your face, it’s because of everything you put on your face, why you put those things! One day i had enough and I replied I dont have acne because i use those things, i use those things because I have acne! πŸ™„

  15. Same is happening currently....and all I hear is " abhi bhi time hain stop using those products they are ruining your skin" and "kuch mat laga apne aap naturally theek ho jayega you're just aggravating your skin with all those products"

  16. "Chemicals" has made my skin so better than i will never look at the road for natural skincare

  17. Earth rhythm has sugarcane squalane oil, Indulgeo Essentials also has sugarcane squalane

  18. Hey can you tell what is the difference between sugarcane squalane and olive squalane?

  19. Sugarcane squalane is derived from sugarcanes and olive one is derived from olivesπŸ˜‚

  20. I like nipcare alot but only issue i have is that my lips gets very sticky so i can't kiss my partner otherwise it's my holy grail

  21. The answer would be yes and we are ill we do less skincare and don't step out that much ....less sun exposure= less pigmentation and dark spots....but some people like me get more breakouts sometimes and my skin starts flaking

  22. I have not issues with starting or driving.. just the error is showing up continuously.. i initially thought i had switched it off... i had given the car for service and they had put a new battery. need to see what happened.

  23. Initially only the light was blinking and i ignored it so after 2 weeks the starting problem started so had to change battery than....

  24. I was getting this problem on my scross and i had to change the battery because i was also getting problem in starting the car and this light was continuously blinking.....after changing the battery everything is working good

  25. Haven't used the body wash yet, so can't comment but have received great reviews from friends for backne.

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