1. gatekeeping color, words... sometimes kpop stans r crazy. and yeah it reminds me of bad boy cover but its not plagarism. but if it was big company making similar cover, its another story. everyone will jump blindly.

  2. the way suju moves and the way other sm groups move is so different. suju is more attached to their group amd they agree on continuing the group together even if SM dont do anything for them. but i cant say the same for other sm groups. u can tell they all want something more than their groups. most actually. or depends lot on sm to keep their group going. or how many of them actually see same vision for their group to be keep going like suju. so why they need sub label? i think suju will always be special case. i dont think they will ever make label for groups again.

  3. its just first set of teasers. they have much more coming. and they dont have to giving it all. just bcz u dont see lot on photo doesnt mean its bad. sometimes simple design do well. and photos really shows that mature aura of dream we havent seen.

  4. its either between sexy, cute or "girl crush". having girl crush concept allows team to try various concepts and allows them lots of flexibility and creativity. but sexy or cute literally only stick to its theme. and not every single release was strictly girl crush. whats the problem with girls having charisma?

  5. yeha ofc thats what big company privilege is and jyp can make good cash regardless of their lazy effort since they have picked good idols for the team. most kpop stans stan groups due to the idols mostly. thats when solo stans happen. but whats funny is the song is nowhere similar to songs some people r pointing at. in fact it reminds me of nct resonance. their medley song from the 2020 album songs 😆

  6. one thing for sure is they r bringing back yg family agenda now. last year sm promoted smtown family moments with collabs and album and it got very good reactions so no wonder yg doing the same now. wondering when will jyp nation reunite...

  7. hmm i bias mark but these days jeno and jisung r getting my attention a lot. and i have mixed feelings towards jaehyun and doyoung. jungwoo also looking fine. idk i guess its true that when u ask nctzens who their bias is but they end up naming half the neos 😆

  8. so far its only 3 songs. lets see how they do in their upcoming releases. them having only 4 member could have influenced to not sing everything together.

  9. once they finish their enlistments they will have album just like how shinee had or suju had. but i doubt exo will ever be same as they used to be. u can tell they all have different ambition and views regarding their career and path. and its question of them all renewing or not.

  10. Think it’s part of the trainee experience at hybe to attend a bts concert ….. bet trainee a will also attend ptd Vegas

  11. all companies let their trainees attend seniors concerts as part of training process.

  12. music show has always been battle of fandoms. one with bigger fandom will win no matter what. groups who have big international fanbase all have big or bigger fanbase in korea.

  13. Didn't Kakao initially withdraw a few months back? I wonder what changed their decision

  14. Sooo, is SM gonna be on MCountdown, MAMA, or Studio Choom after this? I know CJ fixed their beef with Kakao late last year but this is really big…

  15. This is literally the same low quality editing as the nmixx

  16. omg that old ballet books vibe... that something sinister vibe with Tchaikovsky inspired aura... so cool!

  17. I think it's because red and blue are associated with political parties and I believe it makes sense to be careful of posting photos wearing these colors especially on election day.

  18. cutting taxes is already enough for many korean celebrities and rich people. now if big merging of companies happen, it wont pay huge tax so they can do more M&A. look at the stocks of major corporations soaring now.

  19. idk he always have been on the news for weird stuff. there is no fire without smoke.

  20. nah obviously for many companies, lipsyncing is not actually issue at all unlike for international fans think. if it was big issue that can affect groups then they would push through live performances all the time.

  21. Imma sound dumb but is this supposed to be a big deal in the classical music community?

  22. there r plenty of songs that was sampled from classical music. sm did it before. years ago. few times. so nothing new from sm.

  23. thats only bcz its less. if izone had 25 songs, people would know all or most of their songs. and if bp had 50+ or 60+ songs by now, only 20 or something would be remembered by many at most. what u saying is exactly what yg wants u all to think.

  24. it doesnt matter anyway. having 4 members immediately put group at disadvantage when it comes to stage. not to mention having 2 weak dancers. they will improve with time. and obviously it is not affecting aespa at all when it comes to success. they made it to the top regardless of every criticism. its enough to trigger haters. hate against them is overly exaggerated at this point. like if they were that bad, it would be talk of the town since their debut. and people are literally nitpicking on how they open their mouth now. its crazy. giselle is hated over everything she do and if that doesnt mean relevancy then what is this lmao. publicity is publicity 🤷‍♀️

  25. jyp better make nmixx comeback with just normal song or else they r stupid

  26. well 17 minkyu is openly showing he is misogynistic so its very very possible lots of idols r probably hannams. anti feminists and hates women. this election was led by young males in their 20s to 30s and Yoon won. There could be many who supported him for his anti feminist agenda but he also promised other stuff that people could be voting for. Opposing candidate Lee apparently have history with corruption and koreans are tired of that. President Moon was also got criticized due to his corrupt side. Looks like he could be jailed now bcz Yoon won. But anyone who voted for Yoon for his anti feminist agenda must be criticized and go to hell.

  27. there is no good company in this world. sm is very active and old company. u can't expect a 27-year-old company to be as clean as glass. they r the ones who started and tried so many things in kpop and got worst review just for others to follow their path. most people just exaggerate lots of stuff and have misinformation.

  28. dem jointz banger. dreamies said mv was also something to look forward and songs are all pretty so actually expecting lot. i feel like dreamies are biggest shot at korean gp for nct brand. so lets see what sm do for them. but even if it doesnt hit big, we still got 2nd full album from 7Dream so i have no regrets.

  29. They bought it? Wasn’t it a collab between Naver (Vlive owners) and Hybe to make a new similar app?

  30. Well naver transferred its vlive business to Weverse. Now its owned and managed by Weverse aka Hybe and naver still have its share. so basically Hybe decides what to do it mostly.

  31. SM as a whole is not using vlive bcz of various reasons. due to business reasons precisely. they use youtube live for comeback showcases and for group lives. vlive was supposed to disappear and merge into weverse but suddenly hybe decided to not delete vlive but sm is still not using vlive... so i guess sm wont use vlive ever. and there is rumor of them upgrading lysn for live function. so probably until then they will keep using beyond live, youtube and insta for lives and showcases.

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