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  1. Aww Merengue is my favourite and this is so cute! Thanks for sharing ❤️

  2. Oh no they're gonna drag hagelslag on the pod

  3. That's what I was thinking when they started debating his taste on the show

  4. I don't have a spare DIY but if you would like I could craft a few for you

  5. This is why I could never ever restart… diy grind is REAL 😭

  6. Still waiting on that racoon clay statue 😭

  7. Or maybe he wants to go to your house

  8. Recently I've been going 3 times per month and I feel like that's a lot. In the past I would go only a few times per year

  9. Can you expound on why you feel they're worth it? I've never had one, so I don't really know.

  10. Usually you buy it for the character, if you want to have them permanently at your campsite. I bought the pool with Pascal because he's adorable and don't regret spending so many LT on it

  11. Yes, I like listening to the Sleepy podcast. A guy reads old books in an ASMR voice and it's very relaxing

  12. These are amazing, I love all them but Cam's is the winner lol

  13. Yessss! I'm hoping Ethan will be unhinged for a bit to weed out the super sensitive fans who should stop watching the pod and go touch some grass. With peace and love of course

  14. Yes 🥺 I want this picture framed or on a t-shirt

  15. This! I'm not a student anymore but I definitely fantasised about this a lot when I was studying

  16. He is the one sharing the content so no

  17. How? On Bumble women text first and from the recording OP is a woman (or they're both men)

  18. Never related to anything more! I haven't bought turnips in a few weeks cause Daisy Mae is gone by the time I wake up

  19. That happened to me as well. Matched with a guy who lived not only in my building but on the same floor, a few doors from me. We had never met before

  20. i learned so much from that one caller wow

  21. Yes, that was great! Probably my favourite caller so far

  22. Then it won't be that difficult to make it happen - if everyone really wants to.

  23. Do you watch the podcast? They said a few episodes ago they can't get him the visa because he doesn't have a bachelor degree so he needs to get that first which could take years unless he can get one sooner online.

  24. I should add, I kinda feel bad for Shayne here because Natalie is acting like a completely different person outside of the pods. At least with Shayne you kinda knew what you were going to get so no surprises here. I’m not sure why she thinks being mean and obnoxious is flirty.

  25. I agree, she is a completely different person. She knew what he was getting into with Shane. Personally, I would have never continued things after the situation in which they agreed to be exclusive and then he asked (who he thought was Shaina) what she's wearing. Either they are heavily editing everything or she flipped completely.

  26. Danielle has only said she's feeling insecure, was it really that crazy toxic? I do agree she'd really benefit from therapy but let's not make her into a monster just yet....

  27. That reaction after the party is not a normal one. Especially unwarranted, he has done nothing but be supportive of her insecurities and she has no reason not to trust him

  28. No reason except the insecurities and relationship baggage that she explained to him at length in the pods? He didn't respond to her with empathy at all. It's only been a few days and he's already expecting her to be over her triggers and 100% trusting of him. It's just unreasonable. They're not a match

  29. I agree they're not a match, and she should go to therapy and work on her issues first before dumping her trauma on someone she just met. She is not in a good place to date anyone

  30. She is horrible, Sal deserves better. That moment when she was flirting with Jarrette annoyed me so much I didn't think I could hate her more. Then when poor Sal brought it up she started manipulating him and it turns out I can hate her more. I just hope Sal realises what's going on before it's too late, I feel so bad for him.

  31. Kyle is breaking my heart! Just take the L and go.. I can't believe he's still hoping things will work out after she left him there. This is so sad

  32. The teeth brushing scene has me in tears! This episode is all over the place but I love it

  33. If you look that miserable and confused when someone asks you to marry them, you probably shouldn’t say yes.

  34. Yes, poor Kyle deserves much better!

  35. Right?! Maybe they didn't have a lot of time left and they had to propose soon but still. I honestly thought they "broke up" after the science/god discussion. It makes no sense.

  36. I started playing recently and today I had my first campsite visitor, Lopez, and I had to invite him. From our few interactions I can already tell I don't like him

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