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  1. Fun game is to look at a famous person's wiki and see who they're related to.

  2. I'm glad Taylor Swift became a singer cus when I sent her a pair of pants to hem she took foooorever. Good riddance.

  3. You can use an incandescent lightbulb as a fuse and current limiter for this sort of thing I believe. Lemme find a link

  4. The clumps in your fermenter have nothing to do with Whirlfloc. They are due to process, and ingredients, particularly yeast and temperature.

  5. The whirfloc and carageenan based kettle finings mostly work in the fermenter. They are added to the kettle to dissolve and disperse the carageenan. The polysaccharide needs a period of heat to uncoil and expose the negatively charged sulfate residues that are the method of action.

  6. It's badly written. It's too long with too many nouns. The app update on my phone didn't allow me to see the whole thing as I was writing it. Came out clunky as hell.

  7. Why didn't it crack the glass or shatter it? Whyd it come out like a circle?

  8. I know right?! That's the most mildly interesting part of it all!

  9. “No one is finally dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away, until the clock wound up winds down, until the wine she made has finished its ferment, until the crop they planted is harvested. The span of someone’s life is only the core of their actual existence.” - Reaperman

  10. I started reading Pratchett after this came up in a similar reddit post a year ago. Just started my seventh book and it's Reaperman. Hadn't read a book in 10 years. Thanks Reddit and Sir Terry.

  11. Looks like step down converter and ir driver. Ok its part of IR barier.

  12. Yeah was thinking the board for some remote control Christmas tree lights

  13. I have grown a ginger bug and yesterday prepared my ginger beer. I may not be using the bug again for some time.

  14. I would make a new one if your not going to need one for some time. With mixed cultures different types of microbes can take over and make it not perform the same.

  15. Do you have a water softener? Looks like Phoenix has hard water...

  16. The active ingredient in Irish moss is kappa carageenan. The actual chemical bonding occurs in mostly in cold wort and causes the cold break to sediment out. It's added to the boil to dissolve it. You can dissolve it it hot water, cool it and add it to cold wort and it will work.

  17. Feeding it to a cow is your best bet. They turn it into meat and milk.

  18. Do you find Kunze actually useful? I used to have a PDF copy and deleted it; for the most part the information was relevant to large industrial breweries, and the stuff that would be interesting to homebrewers wasn’t referenced (at least in the version I had). For years I had read people on HBT or AHA referencing Kunze for certain things, only to find that book just said stuff without telling you where the information came from. Again, it might just be the copy I had, but for my purposes it was a terrible reference that just wasted space on my phone.

  19. Yeah I've often felt that folk who have time to write textbooks don't work in breweries. You get a wonky university scientist view of the process. A lot of them are on my shelf because I needed a few pages of information, they aren't cover to cover reads.

  20. They can be quite different, actually. On some if I plug in 2.5 volumes I’ll get carbonation more akin to what is suggested by Gordon Strong for English ales (which I hate… I like my beer to be carbonated). Brewer’s Friend is awesome.

  21. Northern Brewer and Homebrew Dad were low for me. I can’t remember if they were equally low or if they differed from each other. I’m sure I could use the NB calculator, I’d just have to ask for 2.8 volumes or something (actually I just checked, 2.65… NB’s 2.5 is BF’s 2.25… I guess they’re not crazy off but it really seemed to make a difference to me).

  22. Cheers, I'd been planning to reverse engineer some of the more popular ones to see what's shaking. Will keep you posted.

  23. I have a Minolta freedom 3 and a Nikon l35af2 I picked up at a yard sales that are fine and in your price range.

  24. Hey, I'll have a look round some charity shops. The Minolta Freedom 3 looks good. Realistically I probably won't get more than one just for space reasons as I'll be backpacking. Thanks for the tips!

  25. You may also want to check you get one you can turn the flash off auto. A blurry photo from a festival is often better than some pals pale white face with dilated pupils at 2am!

  26. I don't know, but it's very clearly along the route. Maybe it's cheaper to extract the ground up rock and dirt it leaves behind if you put a hole in the middle? Maybe they needed to fix a broken part on the machine?

  27. And ventilation. Gets anoxic in long tunnels. Engines and humans don't function without oxygen. A couple of workers died building the 10 mile long Deer Island sewage tunnel in Boston. Death from hypoxia is fast and happens before you can do something about it apparently.

  28. I only ever pickup name brand point and shoots from flea markets and yard sales. if the batteries haven't leaked and it's under 5 bucks no problem. No APS!

  29. Are Offspring cool again or am I so old they've become vintage/ironic fashion?

  30. I think I had this T shirt in 1998 and my mother returned it to the store as it said "stupid dumshit goddamn motherfucker" on the back

  31. Nah man, clearly this is the habitat of the method actor. I’m amazed someone found this place. It’s rumored Christian Bale was raised there.

  32. Have you seen Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln? No actor has gotten more into the head of Abraham Lincoln since John Wilkes Booth.

  33. If you added a whole, or even a half Whirlfloc tablet you may have added too much. It causes the cold break to be fluffy and voluminous with bright wort above. I believe the Whirlfloc tablets were designed for 1 tablet per 100 litres. Typically a homebrewer needs about a quarter of one. This is an assay of different rates. The rate is 0 to 60ppm, all less than one tablet per 5 gallon

  34. You can totally repitch it if you have the ability - equipment and know how.

  35. This is the real reason 13 year olds can't be allowed to have kids

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