1. I wish you luck. :) If you ever decide to study Russian, I hope you enjoy it

  2. I have studied very basic Russian. The words sound quite nice but the grammar was doing my head in. Also I don't have much opportunity to use Russian in real life.

  3. Definitely not every single Ukrainian. And also attitudes change fast right now. Many people who know both decide they prefer Ukrainian. My favorite YouTube teacher is from Irpin, she had to flee from there, and then she decided to speak and teach only Ukrainian.

  4. Put it this way, Ukrainians and Russians would have a better chance of understanding each other than Mandarin and Cantonese speakers can. Lots of words would still sound similar between the two slavic languages even if the writing looks different. Whereas Mandarin and Cantonese sound nothing alike, although they do use the same characters for writing.

  5. I really like some of her work...but knowing how awful she has been to trans women who were already in a difficult's just hard to value what she has done in a way.

  6. Zhuyin is not an independent writing system. It is purely a reading aid. There are no newspapers written in Zhuyin. There are no books published in Zhuyin. It is simply an aid for children to learn Hanzi (Chinese characters) in Taiwan. They don't even have it on road signs, even though Pinyin, the equivalent in mainland China does get used it road signs and appears underneath simplified characters.

  7. Comes down to whether or not you think a fetus is a child (and therefore human/a person).

  8. My stance comes from personal experience. Family member required abortion. Thankfully we don't live in America so it was both a painless process AND $ covered by the government (yes, I know strange idea for Americans).

  9. Australia. And no you cannot just walk into a clinic and get an abortion. But you can go through medical due process. It's not banned.

  10. It is self-defence, but not against the fetus. The fetus is the least violent member of the crime. Religious nuts and dumb arse politicians are way more violent. Abortion is self-defence against those adult nutcases with political and legal power, not against the fetus - it's not yet powerful enough to be the violence that requires self-defence. Adult dumbarses on the other hand, are a different story.

  11. As a female migrant of colour in a white majority country, I find the paradigm of privilege to be very prescriptive. The types of privilege I am allowed to perceive have to match the existing paradigm, not the other way around. People are too diverse and too different to be put into boxes like this.

  12. I would love to read the Indian classics. People in India still speak these languages in the smaller villages, and songs and literature are still written in these languages. I would love to understand.

  13. If they are still spoken, they are not ancient languages. They are living languages. Although the classical version might still be different.

  14. What counts as an ancient language? I thought it meant that it was VERY old. The languages I want to learn have been around since BCE times.

  15. While that might true, the way that you speak it today won't be the same as how it was spoken in Ancient times - because languages change. That's the difference between a living language and a dead language. Dead languages don't change.

  16. I am amazed by how completely different state by state laws are in a federated country. I didn't really notice this prior to the abortion ban. If US states really are closer to countries than to provinces in how they function then maybe federating was a bad idea. It also explains why the US is always involved in foreign conflicts coz there just aint enough conflicts going on domestically between the states. If you never federated and there truly were 50 nation states, you guys will never run out of wars on your own continent to fight so will not be out fighting all the Vietnams and Iraqs of the world.

  17. Are you American? I assume not. This is kind of a weird view of state relationships.

  18. Well, what's the difference between a nation state and a state from a country that has federated? If you ever had a California exit or a Texus exit, I can guarantee you that the US will come into direct conflict with its former constituent state.

  19. No, I'm saying that we should drown kids BEFORE they get abused. After it happens, it doesn't make any difference - no point in drowning them after.

  20. Ok, let me ask you this: if you knew you were gonna get poisoned from a bite in your arm, would you cut it off first or would you wait for the poison to attack your whole body and kill you? You'd cut off your arm.

  21. This whole attitude of complaining that your child has "more rights" than you is really just immaturity and selfishness. Most people understand that parents are expected to make sacrifices for their children. You're not supposed to be "equal". The pro-choice movement is based on selfishness and a chronic fear of responsibility. You use these tragic cases of child rape and life-threatening situations in order to justify your own abortions for purely selfish reasons. And that is wrong. Morality is not subjective.

  22. Regarding your last point, family members are also much more likely to donate a kidney. It’s not just about compatibility.

  23. People keep dead languages alive because they can feel the influence and impact of the language on today's living languages. There are very few dead languages that you can study today that isn't directly related to a current living language. Many of the words from dead languages have their meanings carry through to living languages. That's why people study them. How many people are studying ancient inuit, for example? Not many. How many study ancient latin & greek? More than you can count.

  24. The Church. Most Patriarchy comes from religious ideology that's decided what is and isn't male and female. It's then upheld by the culture and generational tradition. Also written into the laws.

  25. Um, can we get some context? What medical conditions do you have that makes pregnancy a sure death sentence?

  26. Hi sorry, this is the part in the post (original is not mine) that I found interesting language wise. It relates to people's social perceptions on speakers with different accents (apparently the OP can imitate pretty much any accent):

  27. Abortion is about not being to raise a child. Are religious parents who cut their child's penises and vaginas also not able to raise them?

  28. No, the pro-life idea is that the fetus is alive and is of the same human species as we all are. Life isn't a philosophical concept but a biological concept, and a fetus has the DNA sequence of a human, proving them to be of the same species. The idea that some human lives are worth less because of their conscience, their age or their dependence on others seems dehumanising and dangerous.

  29. Not really. US doesn't have compulsion voting so only 10% of the population actually show up for election night. At best, the US is a 10%-ocracy, not a true democracy.

  30. That's the people's fault. In the last presidential election 66.8% of eligible people voted.

  31. That's with the introduction of early voting and postal voting. Actual election night turn out is still comparatively low because it's held on a week night and many people can't vote, not because they don't want to vote.

  32. Completely fair. But abortion isn't the answer. The answer is stop having sex with people you wouldn't trust as the parent of your children.

  33. Let me ask you this, assuming you are a father, did you know you were gonna be a good dad before you became a dad?

  34. So... better to make them (just girls that is, not boys) leave school early? Do you think cutting girls' education short would lead to fewer teen pregnancies? That logic does not track, dude.

  35. This is ridiculous. Most 15-year-olds are not mature enough to university. If teenage pregnancy is really your concern, then putting very young girls in an environment with little parental supervision, easy access to drugs & alcohol, and many older men (adult men cause the majority of teen pregnancies btw) is definitely not the answer.

  36. I was at university at age 18, which is barely an adult. Never been raped. Never even had a boyfriend.

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