1. Most of these kids have scooters or minibikes, but I saw one kid last year on a supersport, probably 600cc, doing a wheelie and dumping the bike. It slid for like 50' and hit a VW that was stopped at a crosswalk to let someone go. This is no longer just an annoyance. There was a kid last year who absolutely smashed into a sedan going at a good clip in Back Bay. And I'm sure there are plenty more that go unreported. This is a public safety concern.

  2. Bike party was started by people who didn’t like that Critical Mass was not polite enough (even though it was a protest ride). If someone in Bike Party assaulted someone they would be shunned from the group and possibly worse.

  3. I empathize with the plight of those whom the T has failed. But driving a car causes all kinds of harms and should not be encouraged. I hope you can find a less harmful way to get around like an e-bike or combination of the T and a scooter.

  4. I would have no problem paying a road use tax and following all the traffic rules, just as soon as cars do it too.

  5. MassDOT is currently spending millions to repair the elevated portion, even though they say there’s no money to remove it. Then they will say they can’t tear it down because they just fixed it up. Even though the majority of city residents want it gone.

  6. If someone did it regularly on my commute they will have 4 flat tires when they come back. And no dont slash them take out the valve instead with

  7. Am I the only one questioning why they have to advertise it to pedestrians?

  8. My favorite are the people who speed down the right lane of a 4-lane highway, and then get surprised and angered by the presence of people merging onto the highway.

  9. Or the people who don’t know how to yield when entering the highway

  10. This is what happens when there’s no traffic law enforcement. You should see what it’s like in the city.

  11. That’s not a budget. That’s just a breakdown of your spending when you have no limits

  12. Honestly? I'd never leave New England. Don't care how expensive it gets, I'll pay. I don't mean to get a little political but it needs to be said - the rest of the US is a complete dumpster fire, and the few pockets of sanity are just as expensive as Boston, if not more expensive.

  13. It cannot be stressed enough how much of the country is on the decline if not already in the toilet. Weather might seem nice until you can’t be yourself in public or get healthcare, and the low wages there make Boston seem affordable. Many of the nice places are unfortunately surrounded by right wing lunatics who dominate the state governments. I lived in Austin and Tempe/Phoenix and just can’t anymore. The PNW, northeast and a few regions in the midwest are all that’s left, aside from California which is sinking fast - no pun intended as they have no water. We can learn to grow food in greenhouses if we have to. Community will be most important in crises and you don’t want to be isolated.

  14. Check out the various progressive cities and college towns such as Minneapolis, Boulder, Ann Arbor MI, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Eugene OR, Burlington VT and of course Northampton/Amherst. There’s a variety of sizes and weather to choose from.

  15. It says that we have too many people driving cars because our transit sucks and we have very few usable bike lanes.

  16. I'm certainly in the minority on this sub, but I don't agree with removing the parking to put in protected bike lanes. The community path goes the full length of Highland just two blocks over. That's perfect for cycling. Not every single street needs to be a cyclist's wet dream. There should be safe ways for bikes to get around, but there also needs to be efficient, high volume arteries for cars to get around. I've yet to see a so-called safe streets advocate agree to that point. And parking is needed all along Highland for normal daily grinding.

  17. Can you climb the hill from the station to City Hall without getting off your bike? Now how about with a kid or groceries on the bike? And then once you make it up the hill, how will you get to the high school or any of the businesses along Highland Ave?

  18. No, please don’t take uber. It just makes the shuttle buses even slower and less frequent.

  19. Nothing wrong with sidewalk riding if you know what to watch out for. It means you can’t go as fast as in the road, but it can be less stressful. The right choice will depend on the context in each block.

  20. I like to give most people the benefit of doubt. Not bikers though. Most of them cannot follow rules of the road.

  21. There won’t be a million vacation home buyers my man

  22. We’re also not building a million homes even in a libertarian fantasy world

  23. If Boston abolishes all resistance to development it’ll be covered by skyscrapers by the next year. It’s ridiculous Austin or Phoenix can build so quickly while million-dollar-home Boston doesn’t. So much “neighborhood character” bullshit here

  24. I support more housing but this “get the government off the market” is pure libertarian nonsense. The free market is not going to fix this. Even if housing stock increased rapidly, at some point it would become less profitable to be a landleech and construction would slow. Plus there aren’t enough contractors available to build all this housing. We need government intervention in the pro housing direction, for example building millions of publicly owned housing units for all incomes.

  25. What do you enjoy doing? Find groups to do it with, whether that’s a sport, book club, crafts, environmental activism, hiking or any of a million other things. You can find groups/clubs that have events which you can go to and you’ll hopefully also make friends that way.

  26. We could get rid of all the tedious and “bullshit jobs” and we’ll have plenty of workers.

  27. That's amazing to hear! I love the rain cover for the bike; I've never seen one like that before.

  28. Anything to avoid improving working conditions or getting rid of tedious/hazardous jobs.

  29. Ok, big question: all the conversion kits on Amazon, are they any different than the AliExpress ones? I've got a Swytch kit (which by the way is a piece of steaming, luckily not smoking, shit) and I have no idea if it's battery is certified in any way.

  30. Look for UL certification. The Bosch website talks about their safety measures and I would want to see something similar.

  31. So we're supposed to just buy Bosch stuff and pay their obscene prices? Neat.

  32. No, you can buy something that meets a similar standard. It’s also a case of “you get what you pay for” in terms of performance and longevity.

  33. "still be rent-bound until they find an alternative tenant. If they don't, it's my responsibility to pay the rent until end of original lease."

  34. The landlord can only sue you for moving early if they didn’t find (or couldn’t have found) a new tenant. If you leave and they find a new tenant for the next month, they can only charge you one month rent.

  35. should she switch to eating only ramen for the foreseeable future in order to afford giving her brother most of her paycheck for the privilege of having a roof over her head?

  36. Landlord can stop eating avocado toast and together they will make it work.

  37. You can’t change people. All you can do is work in your community to help people who appreciate your help.

  38. As a Portlander, I'm shocked to see Portland's dismal rank in public transit. Then again, fewer people are taking the MAX because of how unsafe it's gotten. Fewer people are also visiting downtown because of the crime and homelessness. It's sad but people will be chickens if they don't feel safe taking public transit.

  39. MAX is mostly a missed opportunity as so many of its stations are located in transit desert such as next to a freeway. It’s also very slow in the center of the city.

  40. Well, it's especially a shame considering that, when you take car crashes into account, driving will basically always be safer than public transit, no matter what

  41. LVT is useful near new train stations where you want to encourage upzoning. It incentivizes people to sell their property if they’re not going to have density.

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