1. Super valid response to be fair, someone commented something similar on a separate post and this was my response if your curious.

  2. Yeah sex is a super important compatibility factor. You just can't write it off like it isn't important when it leads to situations like this, where you're scheming so hard to betray the love and trust of a person who you supposedly care deeply for.

  3. I’m not scheming and I realise it’s important but it also doesn’t seem important when everything else it’s going so well. It’s a complicated situation i know I won’t get answers I just wanted to share Incase anyone had something to add that may help me that’s all

  4. That’s totally the thought bouncing around in my head and a completely reasonable conclusion to come to.

  5. Lack of sexual compatibility is a perfectly acceptable reason to end a relationship.

  6. Totally true but I can’t bring myself to do that and I guess that’s probably the root of all the conflicting thoughts I guess

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