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  1. It hasn't updated in a couple years, so that's why I noted "one season complete" rather than "one season, complete." It could be abandoned; I don't know what happened with it.

  2. I don't either, it was so good with a lot of potential

  3. I have a 65lb aussie who has car anxiety. When we go on any trip longer than 2 hours I have to medicate him a little bit, trazadone and gabapentin (sorry if I butchered that, I don't have the bottle with me). If I don't he comes off the rails and wants to sit in my lap then jump to the hatch so for us, the hatch is the best place to put him. I get him a thundershirt and his extra sturdy harness then connect that to the side clip of the car. It makes him lay down and with the medication he seems to be fine. I should add that I have 2 clippable fans that he loves pointed at him. Medicating your dog(s) on roadtrips if they have issues isn't the worst thing because as soon as we stop he's fine and ready for any adventure but it keeps us both safe

  4. I can't bring myself to listen because I just want to binge and I CANT YET but soon.....haha

  5. I smoked a lot when I was younger (high school - college grad, still a bit now) and I think it impaired my memory. It's hard for me to remember long lists of things like tasks and also words to a song.

  6. My begonia is just green with white dots and no red underside so I'm a bit envious haha

  7. Have you thought about a quilt? I'm also a side sleeper and have loved using one for the last few years.

  8. GA has bipolar weather where its 75 and then low of 35 haha I have a camp blanket I use as well but what kind of quiet were you thinking about?

  9. I live in AZ, so I can relate there. A quilt is essentially an open-back sleeping bag. They allow for more comfortable movement throughout the night and are more versatile for wide temperature ranges. If it's warm you can open it up and use it as a blanket. When it gets cold you can cinch it down and stay toasty.

  10. Oooo okay, I'm actually headed to REI right now haha I'll definitely look at them while I'm there!! I love the versatility of the quilt so far

  11. Don’t cheap out is my only suggestion. Rhino rack is solid as hell. I love the look and functionality. A bit expensive but worth the quality.

  12. I've been between the yakima and thule but this one looks pretty good as well. Thank you for the advice, definitely wasn't going to cheap on it haha

  13. I wanted the rhino rails so figured I’d get there rack. Thule is a good option as well. Rhino rack I don’t see as often and just has a more rugged/militaryish look

  14. I work 10 hour shifts and drive 30 each way. I don't study anymore but I try and work out 3-4x a week. I find that if I pack a bag and head directly to the gym it takes away my option of going home and accidentally getting comfy. I also listen to audio dramas on my commute but about 10 minutes from the gym I'll switch to something upbeat so I feel like it's gonna be gym time, I also drink pre-workout.

  15. As far as windshields go, with EyeSight is it a complete pain in the ass? I’ve heard conflicting things.

  16. What if you bought bumper to bumper insurance? The lady said everything was covered but I didn't think to ask about eyesight

  17. MSRP. Premium with minor add ones like mud guards, floor mats, and trunk mat. Came out to 27k with 6 percent GA tax.

  18. That's a steal! I wish I could've waited but my previous car was dead and I couldn't afford to keep a loaner. I got a 2020 premium with moonroof and eyesight but paid 31,500 OTD. Never been bought (was a loaner itself) and had 15k miles

  19. So sad to hear that the corolla cross was a let down. I was looking at it too before going with the crosstrek but never got to get in one, nonetheless drive one. Congrats on the color! I'm the same with my trek!

  20. Yea the Cross was so cheap feeling (no bells or whistles) and way small backseat. I didn't think it would do well outside the city. The only nice thing was that it drove well. Brakes were super long though.

  21. I find the brake issue with a lot of toyotas (we only drove them in my family until my trek) and yeah, the deciding factor was minimal outdoor capabilities bc I hike and camp a lot. Glad we made good decisions!

  22. Imagine being the guy at home trapping on psychedelics that seen this. Probably lost his mind

  23. Literally this is how one of my not so great trips went 😂😂

  24. I've lost about half my hair and I got it in September. They say it's normal bc of stress and I have a ton of baby hairs but it's definitely noticeable to me. My entire family had it and all my sisters and mom have intense shedding too

  25. Somewhat, still loosing a lot on wash day but during the day I don't pull out nearly as much. I noticed it in November and I'd say it's slowly stopping but when it happened, it happened so quick. I never saw a doctor because it's a known thing the body does after all that stress, TE

  26. Honestly don't know why a lot of women get so upset about this. Just say thank you and keep it moving. Now, if a person thinks it's okay that they complimented me so now theyre entitles to have a whole conversation, no.

  27. I will check ours in Georgia (the state) next time I go

  28. Kroger and Ingles has them too. I always thought bread slicers were common

  29. Not sure— maybe undelivered ones from the shipping issues? The 2022’s are also coming out I believe.

  30. My rep said they weren't making 2022s bc there were so many upgrades with the 2020 and 20201 models buuuut idk if that's true

  31. They are advertising 2022’s. And selling them on order, then you can hand pick your features.

  32. Welp too late for me lol I committed to my 2020 but I'm happy

  33. Then I'd assume she's okay. She's still young and probably figuring out what she's okay with. We've raised 2 of ours from babies and we broke any aggressive habits pretty early on, food aggression, touching and grabbing paws and ears/faces (mainly for grooming purposes) but the maltipoo was a rescue and he's the one with weird affection cues.

  34. How did you do it? I hold her snout for safety (just in case) and get in her face daily to desensitize her…

  35. I don't hold their snout unless they show aggression then I do to show that I'm mama and if they're mean I can be too. I like to start with ear rubs and face rubs then slowly add in kisses. I also reinforce what I do with sounds like cooing if they're good (with the occasional treat) and teeth smacking/snaping and a solid No or Bad if it's a bad behavior. I don't hit them bc that inspires fear but sharp noises imitate parent behavior.

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