Medieval Europe in 1444

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  1. Aunque nos cueste levantarnos, llenos de barro una vez más ¡avanza!

  2. I had to leave that games cringey sub Reddit years ago. Game is pretty decent though.

  3. Pero que dices bobo, si lo filtras por nuevo el mio es el primero

  4. Es al revés, los negros son los de Estados Unidos

  5. No, los de estados unidos ya estan muertos, van a por los negros de inglaterra

  6. What airport is that? Cause if you refer to the xplane 11 demo area which was seattle somehow it isnt in xplane 12, in xplane 12 it is south of seattle so ksea and kbfi are out of the demo

  7. Yeah, thats where i was trying to get, I tried ksea and kbfi as in the xplane 11 demo but thanks for confirming that its been moved to portland area :)

  8. It's basically a facelift. Some new bells and whistles.

  9. Our best weapon against british are balconies. Another win 😎😎

  10. Este mapa fue robado obviamente del juego Europa Universalis IV - han seleccionado el mismo año como el inicio del juego, además ni siquiera han cambiado un solo color:

  11. Yo tambien lo habia pensado jajaja he visto el 1444 y he me ha sonado xd

  12. Pueden renegar de sus raíces diciendo que fuimos una panda de genocidas sanguinarios, que solo trajimos destrucción allá donde íbamos, usar Hollywood para tirar nuestra historia por los suelos y tirar estatuas de Colón no por su figura sino por la de la corona que pagó esos viajes, pero nuestro legado será eterno en sus tierras mal que les pese.

  13. La realidad es que los que antes subian buenos memes ahora estan el el reddit del interneto

  14. This is literally on all cig boxes, its nothing special, specially this one is a soft one

  15. Wait for the Mac version, and to watch the reviews. It looks a bit light at the moment, mainly because I've got used to managers games where they have several years of content behind them. I also feel a bit let down that I can't create my own team and compete with it, and since there has been no words on it, it might not be possible either because of the rights limitation of Formula 1, who can be really bitchy about them.

  16. Why not when you have a powerful machine with one of the best screen on the marked? The same dumb question could be asked, why would anyone play on Windows?

  17. "Powerful machine": Mid specs with an optimized OS (limited everywhere, with compatibility problems)

  18. I found a white and silver finless, I'll tag you in the post with coordinates

  19. Are you seriously comparing smokers and hunters to pedophiles? Just keep digging I guess.

  20. I mean 14 is a teenager but what I mean is that it was seen normal

  21. No a ver si lo que yo estoy criticando es lo de el plan para destruir las empresas

  22. Any kind of smaller store is open only until 14 or 15 on Saturday. Big chains stay open in the afternoon ever since the PP made it legal to do so as part of their plan to destroy family businesses and smaller stores.

  23. Mientras tanto el PSOE si eres autonomo e ingresas menos de 600 al mes les tienes que pagar 200 solo en cuota de autonomos, sin contsr con los otros impuestos, asi si tu te abres una tienda pequeña al mes cierras, porque de lo poco que ganas se lo queda el gobierno pero eh tranquilo, que el PP mata negocios mientras que la izquierda no esta dejando ni que se creen

  24. No one would deny Marquez’s skill but Rossi is an ambassador for the sport, a mentor to other riders, and a fun guy whereas Marquez is a hypocrite in terms of what he complains about and what he practices, arrogant as hell, and an ass hole. I wish he wasn’t so that I could enjoy his amazing riding more.

  25. Ma boi I think we are talking ablut different marquez, have you even seen an interview?

  26. En madrid no hay zonas inseguras, asi que sin problema.

  27. Soy de san cristobal, hay zonas inseguras

  28. Yo cuando fui alli a jugar un partido de futbol literalmente habia niños con pistolas de fogueo

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