Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited wounded soldiers in a local hospital in Kiev to boost their morale and award them medals for their bravery

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  1. I loved starcraft2 so much. Watching GSL and all the other leagues. tastless, artotis, khaldor, husky, day9!

  2. Man those were such fun times, I remember at one of the MLGs, we took a break for lunch and while everyone was running around trying to get autographs, two of the guys on our team spoke the same native language as Naniwa, he overheard them, and just came sat down and ate lunch with us. Totally awesome to just be randomly chilling eating with one of the best Toss players to ever live. Good times.

  3. If you have ever said Foy-yay as an American and don’t work in upscale real estate, you need smacked on the back of the head.

  4. Here's one: There's a 2000s era porno where the actors are dressed as pterodactyls. Now aren't you glad you asked?

  5. I wish I would have been tech illiterate enough as a kid to not know exactly what video you’re talking about.

  6. Yeah but both people would insist the other one throws the game, the one who relents and throws it is screwed because someone that insistent on holding the cash is not giving you half

  7. For 4 billion dollars I’d take the L, and climb under the table and give this dude the best blowjob any heterosexual male has got in his entire life.

  8. Wait... Wait... I have so many questions... You put chili ON spaghetti??? This is a thing? Like homemade chili? Or like.... Hormel? What are we doing here?

  9. Google skyline chili. It’s terrible, you’re not missing much.

  10. I will definitely try anything before surgery. I never did acupuncture. Thanks for the recommendation.

  11. My advice as someone who originally broke my back as a teen and then had issues all throughout my 20s and 30s, don’t be afraid to find other service providers. My most recent flair up I was sent to PT, however it was a PT clinic that catered almost exclusively to geriatric patients. I was physically fit, and spent 30 sessions doing basically nothing with the therapist. I found a sports rehab center that was night and day in regards to how hard I was pushed and how much I was able to rebuild strength and regain my life. It’s a long crappy road, and it’s very easy to get discouraged. Keep pushing and good luck.

  12. I have the same issue right now, I thought it wasn't a major issue. Did the new controller make a big difference? If so I might get one.

  13. If I discovered I was driving 30% slower than every other player, I would be posting this from the Best Buy parking lot. For me, moving from DS4 -> DS5 as well as hard wired and overclocking was a huge difference. My old set up feels like I’m playing at 30fps compared to 360fps

  14. I’ve been humming that song now for nearly 30 minutes. Thanks for that.

  15. I got a call one morning from him at 8am, telling me that my mom died. I left work and went to his house, it was the first time I’ve ever seen him cry, the first time I’ve ever cried in front of him, also the first time we ever hugged or told each other we loved one another. He’s actually a great dad and always has been, we just didn’t show emotion like that to each other. If nothing else, the passing of my mom did bring my dad and I closer than we’ve ever been before and more open to talking to each other, thanks Mom.

  16. Yeah, this tracks. In college I worked at a big box home improvement store, and sold windows and doors. Guy and his buddy come in and buy a prehung exterior door, which was 36” x 80 and instead of paying for delivery or renting a truck, they try to get it home by strapping it UNDER a 4 door sedan. My boss texts me and told me to come up front and watch this shit show. They lay the door flat, drive over it and ratchet strap it to the underside of the car and proceed to drive away.

  17. Getting stung by a bee. To this day i avoid any kind of bug that could sting me. I'm not risking it again. (Btw i still have a scar from the sting)

  18. When I was a kid maybe 6-7 years old, I was helping my mom with yard work. I hit an in ground bee hive and was stung 100+ times, including after I ran inside, as they chased me.

  19. Not sure of consequences , but every missile bad haircut-guy does , we just shoot it down...?

  20. Zero percent chance we would ever demonstrate our ABM technology for a test, and not under direct threat. It would either work way better than the released figures and push rival nations to innovate or come up with a new level of MAD or it would perform at the advertised 50% success rate and give them hours of propaganda to spin about our failures.

  21. This isn't duck specific, but you give them what's known as "enrichment" and there are different types. The point, as stated is to give them something to do and give them choices as to how they spend their day. It's good for them to move around, use their brains, and to be using behaviors they would naturally. So say for example you have a animal in captivity that naturally forages for food. Instead of just giving them their food in a bowl in the same place at the same time every day, it's better for the animal mentally and physically to scatter the food around the environment at different times and let them use that natural foraging behavior.

  22. Makes sense. It really explains why when I would come home to my ex nothing would be put back where it belongs, or she would constantly rearrange and decorate the house. She was just ducking with me, got it.

  23. Being able to stand without pain long enough to shower to see friends tonight would be pretty cool. Maybe next weekend.

  24. Yeah but now he's flying coach. On JetBlue. On the seat nearest to the bathroom. On ghost pepper chili night.

  25. And Mike Tyson is sitting in front of him.

  26. The CIA is in all chats at all times.

  27. This is why I hate the ambiguity of language, depending who you ask, biannual can mean every 6 months, or every two years. Semi annual has been used in both places. I know they have official definitions, but they aren’t used that way. Maybe an EU resident can comment but I took it to mean “within the next 6 months”, but as I looked it up for election day, it’s within the next few weeks, so it could mean the first half of the year, or 6 months from this statement made right now.

  28. I think you might be confusing the French elections with the EU presidency. France has the EU presidency until June 30th. They started January 1st so exactly 6 months. The Czech Republic is up next.

  29. You did actually, I looked up the French elections, but I misused French and EU election in my second point. I suppose I need to get a little more in tune with more countries and how their governments actually function. Appreciate it the clarification. Is semester something that would be commonly used to describe a 6 month period starting from the beginning of the calendar year?

  30. Be sure to jerk off prior to going. It only helps

  31. Mushrooms are a drug because it drastically alters your state of mind. No you can't OD on shrooms but you can take such a high dose you have severe mental health problems during the trip and potentially after. I've done a lot of shrooms and I question whether being a terminally ill cancer patient is a good state of mind to be tripping on.

  32. It’s less about pain relief or comfort. Terminal patients, a lot of times need assistance in coping with death. Shrooms can absolutely lead to a lot of acceptance and self realization a heck of a lot more than heroin can. These are not people taking it for recreation, and we shouldn’t have any worry about long term lasting mental effects, you know the whole terminal thing, I’m pretty sure they’re going to be suffering of both physical and medical issues the rest of their life.

  33. Sure there are, but it's definitely not me, and I'm guessing it's also not the majority of people.

  34. I’m with you on this, for me a million is a few years of salary, but I’m learning money doesn’t buy quality of life. Good health, food, sex and adventure is what makes life worth living. A billion changes the equation by about a billion, so that might be a whole different story. I sure enjoy money, however I look back on random trips or places I’ve gone with friends and indulged a hell of a lot more fondly than looking at my portfolio.

  35. People in this thread are not comprehending how much a billion dollars is. A billion dollars is enough money where money never becomes a thing for you again.

  36. You’re literally saying that making memories with friends and loved ones is full of shit, and then reinforced that with… making memories with friends and loved ones.

  37. Not using your real name for a user name was a nice challenge for me in satisfying my odd curiosity of if I could figure this out, since it was so damn specific.

  38. Some medical programs are that high.

  39. Laughs in medical Ohioan. $47 for a 2.83g of dry (1/10th) and $60+tax for 0.84 of a concentrate pod.

  40. But they activate at the most inconvenient of times sometimes

  41. Just wait until you get older, then they start deactivating at the most inconvenient of times.

  42. Gazillionaires in America are such villains. We are never going to get a Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne.

  43. I mean Elon is pretty close to Stark. If you take a step back, he has a positive influence on the world, he’s just a bit of a douche.

  44. ...Yeah, that's why I mentioned it didn't last between us. She just wasn't into me

  45. I mean you couldn’t find boobs with your hands up a shirt, that’s not a surprise.

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