1. It's crazy because i never hear about s15 mags being a little difficult or having a break-in period type situation. Either they work 100% for people or they fail 100% for others. These stories always make me reconsider using them but on the other hand, i have 6 of them and my personal experience tells me otherwise. I've put hundreds of rounds through each, including both fmj and hollows, and have never had a failure except once that i assume was because of limp wristing. All ran through my 43x. Besides that, my friend also runs the mags in his 43x and he's never complained either. I understand and usually keep things as oem as possible for carry but as it stands, I've had 4-5x as many failures with oem mags than my s15s so far. And for reference all those failures with the oem mags were using the oem mag release. I swapped for the shield arms release when i got the mags and haven't had a notable problem since that minus the one i mentioned earlier that i chalked up to potentially limp wristing. That's just my experience with the mags thus far 🤷‍♂️

  2. Our political system is too broken for it to matter. You get two picks and they both suck. I support tons of sane restrictions but I sure as fuck don't want to move to MD. Middle ground just doesn't exist for the hot topics while the middle ground stalls all the actual needful progressive reform...fml.

  3. I agree with everything here. Also I currently live in MD. Glad to be moving back to freedom soon.

  4. I like how he references the 1997 Hollywood shootout and how wildly the police were outgunned, but then goes on to state that no officers were killed, but the two shooters were.

  5. I have two main regulations I think would be useful, though I do support some other regulations as well.

  6. At the risk of being downvoted to oblivion, I am an owner of several weapons most of you would want to ban, but the culture described in this article is downright abhorrent.

  7. No, that is Security. Freedom and Security are a trade off and people have always had too choose what the right balance of each is in society.

  8. I like the Streamlight Protac Railmount 1 or 2. The one is smaller, which I like on a smaller gun. Both come with a pressure pad and mounting stuff, which is nice

  9. Thanks for the recommendation. I was looking for a smaller light.

  10. It’s surprising to me that so many folks have these issues with the shield mags. I bought three about 6 months ago and I haven’t had any reliability issues. Apparently they are hit or miss, and I’m sorry they don’t seem to work for you. Maybe the QC has really gone downhill. Idk

  11. Not gonna lie, it's somewhat of an older pic of it. I've decided to remove the magnifier, it flips to the left and trying to make it flip to the right is being a real bitch. So with that I'm just dropping the magnifier and going with the red dot only, and its been moved completely on the upper.

  12. Sidebar: why are you using a 5.56 for home defense? That's a high-velocity, penetrating round. Aren't you worried about going through your target?

  13. Not 100% sure who it was, but one of the guntubers did a video comparing 5.56 to 9mm going through different layers of drywall and they were just about the same. Yeah, 5.56 is faster, but it’s smaller and breaks apart easier. The 9mm is thicker and heavier comparatively and has greater momentum.

  14. I like the WC grips but my stock grip is a perfect fit. I won’t be changing.

  15. What is the difference between these two mags? Is that a gen 4 mag on the right? If I'm buying for a mr920, which should i go with?

  16. I know these are for G19s, so this isn’t super relevant, but the gen 5 mags don’t work with the 19x due to the new lip. Just in case you ever get a 19x 🙃

  17. I love NightFision. Got ragged on in like 5 subs for it, but they’re legit. Have em on just about everything I own.

  18. What reason did they give for ragging on them? I’m not familiar with these lights so I’m genuinely curious.

  19. Mostly “why would you pay for these when you could get a reputable company like trijicon”

  20. Great deal with the sight if I’m not mistaken, you’re also supporting your LGS

  21. Nah, but all my Sigs have been from there because they have always had the best prices. They gouged less than any lgs around me. They had ammo for much longer and took measures to keep people from making bulk purchases. They also waited longer to raise ammo prices. They don't carry the most exciting versions and skus, but they have served me better than all the lgs near me.

  22. Oh, don’t get me wrong, Academy is my happy place lol. Just not a lgs

  23. …for a second I though you meant you made that shot with a Mossberg Shockwave.. lol

  24. It's pretty demoralizing to know that policies disguised as improvements to public safety are nothing more than the exploitation of emotions and assumed effectiveness of said policy. Those politicians chose to enact policy that is ineffective but perceived otherwise instead of policy that will make an actual difference but take longer to manifest. It's a grim reminder that people in power value staying in power over the long-term good of their constituents, and that deaths attributable to firearms has degraded from a serious symptom of societal issues to just another opportunity to appease the public and stay in power.

  25. We live in a world where people appeal to fear rather than hope. It crosses political, economic, and every other type of line

  26. One thing that helped me when I first started shooting was to “chunk” and run it by the numbers when practicing. Break each part of the draw into a deliberate step (i.e (1) move clothing, (2) grip pistol, (3) draw to ready, (4) present, and so on. Peale each step slow and defined and once you have it down really well, string em all together

  27. Protacs aren’t Gucci, but they’re also not not Gucci. So, go for the 4 protacs. Great value for the money

  28. If marines can clear a house with a 20 inch M16, you can do it with a 14.5.

  29. I’m guessing it’s partially that, the fact that it’s a braced pistol instead of a tax stamped SBR, or the fact that the upper isn’t from some WallStreet-tier manufacturer like HK or KAC or LMT or V Seven or DD or Geissele. I think much more likely is the fact that it was posted on the LGO subreddit, because these people wake up in the morning to tell others that they’re wrong for adequate, but not premium, rifle setups.

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