1. Yeah it seems Kiriko is the new golden child but JQ has Black Metal now so I'm a happy metal head and Queen enjoyer

  2. Yea fr, but I did notice a few cool things with queens mythic, the first being depending on if she's got the midriff armor her "crown" changes, but really that was it sadly.

  3. Yeah the customisation felt a tad lacking. I did like the added visual indicator for knife sticks, it was way easier to tell if you got a good stick or not in a more chaotic team fight.

  4. I've honestly had no issues with FedEx ordering locally and internationally, I find the quality of most couriers are down to the standards of local drivers and delivery offices

  5. Siege is good but it likely wouldn't scale as well with other MP figures

  6. I think the Fans Toys looks more interesting and has a better presence but since I don't have both I can't comment on the build and engineering but it looks like we've got 2 good representations of the character for people to pick from.

  7. Was already on my way out of playing support and now my main has been made way worse, thanks Blizzard for making me less guilty about focusing on DPS

  8. It makes a world of difference, it fixes the proportions and gives him an actually good sword

  9. Right now because of current pre order hype I'd say Gohan, he's one of my favourite characters and with the new torso, crossed arms and beam cannon effect the figure looks way better than the head swap I expected it to be.

  10. I hope they don't go the Storm collectables route and have more soft plastic overlays, they always bend weirdly and damage easily.

  11. True I am a little worried about them being damaged but because it’s clothes instead of muscle I hope it’ll look a little better at least

  12. Well it definitely looks cleaner from here but we'll have to wait for in hand images of the final product

  13. Had him for a few weeks and he's a mixed bag. The tolerances are all over the place and the weaponising options are a bit limited. Visually he's well sculpted and painted and both modes look good.

  14. Post-Apocalyptic Hot Rod? If you put the pipes on his back plugs, they sort of look like Hot Rods spoiler wings.

  15. Depends on your tastes, personally I love the way the super clean MPs look but i see why people prefer more surface details. I'd also say for an MP figure accuracy to the source should be a priority so it can't really go too far.

  16. See I don't get the "super clean" comment because MPs have so many panels it destroys the cartoon look completely as soon as you see where they folded the vehicle mode into a dozen slices.

  17. They're acceptable engineering pannel lines, the figures have to transform so obviously you're gonna see some extra lines and they don't really destroy the ascetic because they're easily looked over.

  18. They're completely legit, I've ordered quite a few figures from them and I think they're a Goodsmile partner shop.

  19. I just want my favourite Saga in colour, hopefully they make Cell saga in the next few years

  20. Can't wait, it seems like they're making their way through the Justice League so hopefully we get an Aquaman and a Cyborg soon.

  21. That would be nice, I was thinking about getting the original Yamaguchi Bats but that cape makes me want to cry

  22. Can't wait Kaiyodo/Yamaguchi have been making some amazing figures recently

  23. Can't wait, Revoltech has made so many constant improvements with the AY line and each figure is so fun to handle.

  24. Do they remember what happened with Carnage?, hope it drops for you US collectors

  25. Because there's a market and if you don't like it it's best to just scroll on and not give it any attention

  26. Nooooooo!!! The weebs have gotten to transformers 😭 I am very sad

  27. Casually forgetting that if it wasn't for Japan we wouldn't have Transformers

  28. On the wiki it says you need to hit the monster 5 times within 5 seconds for it to activate, doesn't really seem worth it

  29. It's fine with the Switch Axe but I'd rather just have most other skills for damage/element/status over the small amount of healing you get.

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