1. That’s a new feature added last update. It’s a live reaction pov of TOC facepalming due to you shooting civies.

  2. I just wish they would stop using the Amazon special red dot.

  3. We aren’t suicidal because we release our anger on each other for the fun of it making wars over nothing.

  4. .45 GAP is the only true answer to the caliber question.

  5. Wait they got rid of the ability to fly to Staunton Island? That was my favorite cheat.

  6. Those northern shitbags may be buying up the beautiful south but there is one way to deter them. Doesn’t matter if you support him or not but if you put Trump 2024 flags and signs up next to the land they want to buy they may think twice.

  7. What happens if you pull the drive and reverse at the same time

  8. That is by design. You can’t send the bolt home with a empty mag by using a t handle. Hit the bolt release on the left side of lower to send the bolt home.

  9. Okay thank you. What about when I put a live round in it? I can’t pull charging handle again. Like it’s locked in. Is that by design?

  10. If the round is in the mag it should work with the charging handle.

  11. You build race cars but don’t own a truck? I call fibs. Most people I know that build cars need a truck to haul parts or tow their cars.

  12. Go on eBay and search Ukrainian war militaria. You can find some used combat uniforms and gear that may have some bullet holes in them but that’s nothing that duct tape can’t fix.

  13. Yes but it’s going to be a glock version of the 995

  14. Not really sig guy but I’d like a double action only pistol. Is there a 320 that’s DA only? If there isn’t I’ll just find an older P250.

  15. A p250 is the original pistol the 320 is based off of. Pretty much everything but the slides and FCU are backwards compatible.

  16. Missing WAR . Not sure what is it good for.

  17. How does mercury rank so low when they made the greatest panther body.

  18. That is impressive considering how insufferable most of them are. Radio these days is garbage.

  19. The last good station in the NJ died when 92.3 died

  20. The thing about the rat I hate is their range. It’s too small to be used daily by me. They only work in ocean and Monmouth but 92.3 used to cover everywhere for the most part of jersey from ocean and up.

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