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  1. The Emperors Voice Actor from TTS made a bunch of little guy jokes (SpeakerD, Rotgrind Campaign part 14). Ogre Poppenang seem to enjoy little guys. If you like the all guardsmen party, check out Warhams, Rotgrind, and their channel Narrative Declaration, it is the same with TTS Voice Actors

  2. At this point.. try me, fuck you.

  3. I hob ka vögerl mehr im garten jetzt wo katzen frei rumjagen. Das liegt daran, dass sie au ihrem habitat verdrängt werden. Durch katzen.

  4. Haha, genau. Nicht die Zersiedelung, das Insektensterben, die zunehmende Zerstörung des Lebensraumes "verdrängt das bisserl Fauna" sondern die Katzen. Könnte von der Wirtschaftskammer stammen, die Theorie!

  5. Toxoplasmosis. Katzen jagen und töten zum spaß, nicht um hunger zu stillen. Sorry, aber die genozidieren grad vögel weltweit, und ich hab kein bock drauf. Sie sind ein teilfaktor, das absolut nichts in europa verloren hat. Katzenhalter tragen für die mordlust ihrer tiere Verantwortung.

  6. They should not. But many will not, due to the peculiarities in energy pricing discussed by

  7. Germans have mutated into something too stupid for German engineering.

  8. More like plant bdsm, but yer fine.

  9. These dumbasses don't realize not fucken everyone loves grinding out bug reports for them for free. Considering how much one basic copy of the game costs this is even more ridiculous. This is still a goddamn alpha and I am not dealing with their bullshit bugs without being artificially rich in-game. And then they shaft bug testers like that.. elegant..

  10. Then don’t lol. You signed up for this and I know the bugs kill gameplay. We all have to deal with that because we know what we got ourselves into. But people are crying over the dumbest shit. Literally a bunch of children whining about not getting money. Cry about the god damn bugs that need to be resolved. The actual issues that matter

  11. No, the criticism is cig using people as free game testers which is fine, but then maybe they could… let the people keep that money? So much is lost between wipes, bugs etc that it can ruin the playtesters experience, and cig is truly not being helpful. They coulda treated 3.17.2 as a fleet week for engaged playtesters and let them keep their money to… test… bigger… ships… Instead they went out of their way to undo all of it. It just feels bad, man and that is a problem. CIG is so much more dependent on player opinion than other projects that I cannot really understand their motivations here. This is just terrible PR.

  12. Oh wow, that’s old. Didn’t Cleopatra build the pyramids in 1750?

  13. You are closer in time to cleopatra than she is to pyramids

  14. This should be returned to Egypt, as this was likely stolen from there at some point :(

  15. Yes and no, I agree with the feeling but there is little in the ways of security for Egyptian artifacts considering all the graverobbing etc. Long-term, it should probably go back, but his alma mater should be competent in conserving it in the meantime.

  16. I am a bit upset I didn't take a better one, but they were scurrying away and I had to zoom in, this was the best I could do at the time.

  17. Don't worry, you have plenty of unique information, and combined with Park ranger cameras, they are gonna get caught. For instance, the clothing, number of people, colours, walking sticks, whatever will connect them to a car, and then the car's owner/user. They have already lost , they just don't know it yet.

  18. Update: thanks for all the insight guys, I'm starting to suspect it was my landlords wife due to a domestic issue and my plants got caught in the crossfire as we were doing the grow together.

  19. How are the plants doing? Solvents are insane, but maybe it’s salvageable if dissolved away.

  20. Just calmly explain to him that their little “domestic” has directly fucked the privacy security and sanctity of the lease, at which point you could explain that you don’t feel like paying rent equivalent to the value lost (times 0.8 if you’re feeling generous), but the point here is you want to make someone suffer the loss, instead of you. This dude has a couple options: divorce the bitch, or make the lost rent come out of her allowance/the joint account. He can even be accomodating to you to compensate his bitch wife cause he wants to keep her, but she needs to get back into fucking line. Their shitty relationship has bubbled over into your domain and cost you time, Labour and most importantly, money. That is where you draw the line. If she dares speak on the legality in your state, I might get stabby, but honestly, she can well and truly go fuck herself, she has the “right” to make life suck for her husband, but you are not married to her. You do not have to take it, for her actions are objectively evil, as in by action or inaction needlessly increasing the suffering in the world and in people surrounding herself.

  21. Them needles are real expensive, hood find

  22. Actually, within the gas sector the threat has been quite obvious for a long time. You know why assad is in power? He blocked a pipeline from getting built to connect Europe to the Middle East for gas. Also uh Ukraine. They once already held Europe hostage in terms of gas, it truly was just a question of when they'd fuck us. Considering renewables, they timed it so perfectly that risk analysts should have seen it coming a long way away

  23. I don't like to defend the police, but that's a bit much.

  24. Correction, the senior echelons of police

  25. Especially the higher ups seem very reasonable and careful. Not every single one of course, but still. And with the police on the street, there are a few who notice statistical differences and let themself get influenced by it. Sure. But still far from all of them. And I think the specific allegations here go muuuch too far to be generalized at all. Also I'd like to remind you that this generalized way of thinking about the police is pretty much the same as what you are accusing them of.

  26. Experience has shown that there are a couple people in there who act in extreme bad faith. Especially in terms of procedure. But sure, most are reasonable and personable, I'm certain. However, I will absolutely not stick around to find out whom they are, it is rather up to the good apples to weed out the bad ones. They are not trustworthy is the problem, and I very much remember how much effort the police put into protecting the burschenschafter or akademikerball, whichever was the nazi-ish one. But yeah, I guess some are nice, it would just be nice to see that organisation pull their heads out of their asses and stop being such hypocrites, especially in terms of policy. That would require voters to do something about it however, and maybe vote reasonable people into power. Which has not exactly been going all too well as I hear...

  27. Ummm fingerprints? That might be worth looking into, that's something the police could actually look into, that would be primo evidence.

  28. This thing might be fine for now but will definitely shatter eventually plastic gets brittle and weak when exposed to sunlight or the elements. The failure mode of this thing is shoving spikes of plastic into the insides of your legs, exactly next to arteries that will have you bleed out in 30 seconds. Maybe design a weak spot into the part so you can control how exactly it breaks, or make the part out of metal. Otherwise this is bound to kill someone eventually, in a couple of years.

  29. Well they god damn better be happy, considering what they sacrificed

  30. I doth decree it is two wires who are incorrectly wired up, or messed up, for printers do move and shove them around quite a bit. Also I had a similar issue with steppers in the past

  31. Replace wires and check the stepper polarity, if they are plugged in wrong they can be weird, especially since stepper plugs aren't really standardised in terms of polarities, size or type. Step 1 take all the loads off the stepper motor, so unmount the motor from the extruder. Check whether it can spin on demand.

  32. Two good things here, there isn't any proof that seeded buds are any less potent and you'll get a ton of fem seeds if it was pollinated.

  33. Will they though? I thought you need colloidal silver for fem seeds

  34. He was pro Hitler and full on Nazi climbing up the ranks. Only changed his mind because he saw the war being lost and therefore saw the incompetence and lies of the Nazi leadership. At the start of the war he was fully for it though, seeing it as salvation, marching into Poland very early. This is what he wrote his wife during that time:

  35. Well oof. I was not aware of that facette of him

  36. So how much are we charging Russia for their visit?

  37. I am absolutely infuriated by how well this works

  38. I have heard of your dodo exploits. I love it, i might try the game just because of you, where i would definitely follow in your footsteps. I wish you all the best

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