1. Showing off her supple skin I see.. Even skin tone??? Never heard of her..

  2. I’m in a restaurant getting ready to order lunch. I open reddit-big mistake. Suddenly I’m not hungry anymore.

  3. Is she replying to people in the comments? Or is she putting dumb shit in the comments to bring the count up?

  4. Both. Plus when she replied to one comment,she replied to her own comment with “yes,girl”

  5. These look like dollar store quality earrings

  6. Holy mother of god is that her real eyes and nose? Is she ill? Is the seventh seal broken, is apocalypse nigh????

  7. No. It’s filtered. Plant event picture is the closest to her real eyes/nose/face.

  8. She’s texting herself again. 🙄🙄 I still say she has a burner number she uses for C to have these “conversations”

  9. Have we got an update on the fundraiser thing on FB? Is it still at zero engagement?

  10. You forgot the whole onion, 1 chicken broth and cook on high for 8 hrs.

  11. Because then she would need to publicly admit she wore a wedding dress to her sons wedding

  12. There was also a video of her peering through the slats of the door from the outside, gigantic fake lashes flapping.

  13. Was MS filming or was the other girl in the stall filming? Or was someone else in their friend group filming??

  14. Oh, she did not but yet there is a picture of this. All I did today was take my husband to one of our local tv stations to sign a release since he won a contest so we are going to see Three Dog Night next weekend, I went to the bank and made a stop at the dispensary and got gummies. Normal day but I wasn't drinking or crawling on a bathroom floor in ugly booties.

  15. I’m not defending this biscuit brain in anyway-but I suffer from crippling anxiety and writing lists like this helps me feel like I accomplished something when I do a task. However I don’t post my list on the internet whereas this dough for brains thinks it’s a flex.

  16. She’s still putting cookies into jars as seasonal decor? Yawn. What growth. No one cares, Dollar Store Martha Stewart.

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