1. It says that the course was added (PHIL 1002).

  2. As long as you complete the pre req, you can take any course.

  3. I did most of mine im first year. So that if i wanted to change programs in second year I could do so.

  4. Oh that’s a good idea thanks!

  5. You don’t have to complete your gen eds in first year you can do them whenever you want throughout your degree and usually vsb updates to the new school year in May so just keep checking it

  6. York courses website > Search Current Courses by Term > Summer 2022 > S2

  7. Yeah do this. You can find the enrollment date on the York my online services website > check enrollment date.

  8. I did this, but it says that my enrolment access times are unavailable. I’ve seen people talking about applying for summer school, could it be that there’s something wrong?

  9. Did you get a conditional offer? Maybe the school is waiting for the requirements to be filled?

  10. Oh it is, I need my final average. Guess I’ll have to wait until July, thanks for helping :)

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