1. Thanks for a shit response on an otherwise great thread

  2. Contact your state level NEA or AFT and ask for support from them to start one. Also, talk to your coworkers and anyone who seems interested, get them on board to help out. It’s best to have a handful of go-getters in each building

  3. For me, it depends on the meeting. If your kid has been giving me trouble or there is a grade issue, it’s Mr. CTWguy. If you’re kid is awesome (or even just respectful) I’ll hit ya with my first name.

  4. Feel bad isn’t the term I would use. I’d say I reflect on the animals life (as best as I can assume) and how effective I was at reducing suffering with my actions.

  5. Something that has to do with a hobby outside of work

  6. This is the right way to build a 4 field complex. It takes the suns position into account during the most common game times

  7. Okay, okay... the downvotes already say people don't seem to believe me at all...

  8. “From what I heard…”yea it never happened. Your contributing to the spreading of lies that we’re started to make people discredit and hate members of the LGBTQ+ community

  9. I don’t resent the people taking the jobs. I resent the politicians for causing qualified teachers to leave, then claiming this is the only way to fix the “shortage.” They’ve created a work climate that is actively ruining the education of entire generations

  10. If you’re in the US, contact your senators/reps to support RAWA

  11. Similarly, contact them to make sure they oppose the RETURN Act. This act would gut a significant source of conservation funding by repealing the Pittman-Robertson Act, which is the basis for the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. Nature needs all the funds we can give her.

  12. While that bill was dead upon being written (big industry names publicly came out against it | Federal, Remington, Busnell, etc), I agree. Conservation needs MORE funding models, not less

  13. There is a significant proportion of "carbon credits" that are awarded nonsensically (I.e. carbon credits for "planting" a forest that you cut down, or that would have naturally regenerated without intervention)

  14. Tell that to the Prairie Chicken or Bob White 🤷🏽‍♂️

  15. Please tell me where they are listed as invasive…multiple bird species, including bobwhites have lived with pheasant without declines in populations for decades. It’s the destruction of habitat and suppression of fire on the landscape that have caused declines in population; for all of those bird species

  16. not sure why you are getting downvoted for bringing up habitat destruction, of which the #1 cause is animal agriculture.

  17. Me either…apparently people don’t like to think about what terms actually mean and what is actually causing declines in population numbers.

  18. Yeti wrapped in sound dampening tape.

  19. Yea…not quite when people were dying. The new variants are less severe, which means fewer people will die, which means mask wearing isn’t as required. Also, all those faxed people walking around have some good “not going to die” protection

  20. Take your Qanon crap outta this sub

  21. I hope not. I'm looking to get one for long range targets and elk/moose

  22. My .300 Win does the job nicely for deer. Would a .243 also get the job done? Yes. As long as you find the right bullet, .300 win works great for deer with little meat loss

  23. I made the switch. First time I ever went to a range, with proper ventilation, I went home and felt like dirt for the rest of the day. Realized just how toxic lead is, yeah nothing should be eating it. Shameful how much push back non toxic shot gets because "cars pollute more". Sportsmen should be championing conservation. In the past progress was made, but too many today think their license fees going to some bureau is enough. I think the biggest failure of the conservation movement was the failure to instill a Land Ethic* in the people who own and use land.

  24. That is an insanely ignorant statement. Go to a local organization’s meeting or banquet (RMEF, PF, QF, NDA, Wild Sheep Foundation…doesn’t matter who) and you’ll have your eyes opened to how much conservation good is done…and often, how few animals are shot. Listen to them talk about hunts and the last thing they bring up is an animal taken.

  25. I made the switch about 5 years ago. Took a lot of different rounds before I found the best for my rifle (did the same with lead rounds prior to that), but when I did, I got WAY better performance from non-lead (both groupings and bullet performance on an animal). All I’ll use in that rifle from now on

  26. I support cutting down some trees as long as it’s sustainable and not clear cutting and they aren’t old growth trees

  27. Sustainable AND not grown in a monoculture setting

  28. Sustainable and monoculture don’t go together at all.

  29. Technically, those monoculture pine plantations are sustainable…they keep growing new trees

  30. I think the education system does enough to drive a wedge between itself and voters on its own without provocation.

  31. So you don’t respect the profession? Great job trolling this sub.

  32. What the hell are you going on about?

  33. I’ve tried a bunch of different counties over the last 8 or so years. It seems the quickest returns are in counties with larger staffs, lower population numbers (less duties), and where a good number of hunters live. Best county I’ve found is Westmoreland (probably helps the current treasurer is a hunter). I got my first license back 3 weeks ago.

  34. That much may be true, but I'm not a publisher, I just send my work to them lol. Rewording research in layman's leaves a lot of details out and gives room for a lot of misinterpretation. Look at it this way, you see my statement on indoor-outdoor domestic cats and make an opinion on it without seeing any of my (or anyone else's) research on the matter. How is that any different than reading a article title and then assuming you know everything that was written in it? That does however again go back to me mentioning niche research topics and how that can come off as illogical.

  35. You say niche, real researchers say quack science. PoTato-PotAto

  36. I wouldn't expect someone who resorts to personal insults to understand the connotations of what you just commented there.

  37. Please…you can’t even come up with a boat to stand. You say humans are too involved and natural predators are the solution (which, btw, humans are a natural predator of many species), while the other side of your mouth advocates for humans allowing non-natives on the landscape. When has that ever worked in the past?

  38. Oh great, the gate keeper is here!

  39. Umm…that’s Clearfield county in PA, not Washington county

  40. Let me give you an example: Here is how little a teacher pension could be in California if you don’t max out your educational credits and teach for more than a certain number of years.

  41. Again…better than the MAJORITY of Americans who are saving zero for retirement. Also, you know SS does COL adjustments right?

  42. Ok…so in the one very specific scenario you told, it won’t be enough. Yea, COL and pay and SS suck…it also sucks for other professions as well. Hence the reason EVERYONE should start some form of retirement savings early in their careers. At least he/she will get something from their chosen career…many jobs don’t offer anything past an hourly rate when working

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