in 2022, the new player experience is still excruciating.

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  1. I personally fight people doing tall tales in hopes they fight back fiercer due to not wanting to lose progress. Good for you for giving them the fight they deserved. I know when I do tall tales I hope for a fight. I have quite a few good stories because of that outlook too, both on the recieving end and giving.

  2. I actually alliance the tall taler and tell them to message me if ships are around or causing trouble whenever I'm looking for a fight; not that I run into them all the time. I figure two sets of eyes are better than one, and then it helps me find someone actually wanting to fight.

  3. Did they have a reaper flag or emmisary on? Just curious

  4. They had reaper Emmisary. We were unemmisaried.

  5. What league do we realistically see overtaking it? I honestly could see MLS at some point down the line since Soccer is gaining popularity here in Canada & the US.

  6. RL might be the one activity that has consumed more of my time than my Chiefs fandom lol

  7. I actually got to go to the World Championship this weekend. Always just been super casual about it, but it was a cool experience. It felt like an actual European soccor Fandom.

  8. All the classes synergize really well, and having a full mix ensures you have the tools to complete any missions.

  9. At this point I’m convinced Lamar doesn’t give a fuck about the normal way to do things and will just do whatever he wants.

  10. I mean it's been pretty clear to me that Lamar wants to bet on himself staying healthy and shoot for the maximum money possible, which would require him doing exactly what he's doing.

  11. don’t lie to yourself, you would swap dak for herbert in an instant given the chance

  12. I'd definitely swap Dak and Herbert if given the opportunity.

  13. going to Saturday's preseason game. The primal joy of drinking in a parking lot for 4 hours before a game🔥🔥🔥

  14. I feel like running into you drunk in the Arrowhead parking lot would be one of the most entertaining things in the world.

  15. Most times you “run” into people they’re afk at the outpost.

  16. Probably an unpopular opinion, especially here. But I'd also say it's probably a right one. Remember most of the greybeards incensed at the idea grinded out their overclocks when there were one or two sets of weapons, and much less content to experience. You'll here how it was fine for them even though it didn't take nearly as long for their first batch, and then probably cashed in a hundred cores (guilty LMAO) to aquire a bunch whenever new weapons are released.

  17. THIS is genius and the best idea I've yet heard. Someone give this man a cookie!

  18. Thank you! Feel free to steal the idea, I think something in a similar vein would be a breath of fresh air for newer players.

  19. You can use the harpoon to drop treasure on your ship without it actually counting as placed, then pick it up and place it to raise Emmisary. It's how a reaper can "silently" raise rank.

  20. Not anymore. That was patched out with Season 7. RIP Silent Reaper 2.0

  21. Ah good to know, never tried it myself, but it did feel too cheesy.

  22. It's intentional. They know the refs aren't going to call it 10 times a game or they'll look biased. So, they do a cost/benefit analysis and find that they're better off playing that way, taking the occasional flag, and reaping the benefits tactically and mentally. It's frustrating as hell to play against a secondary like that!

  23. People acting like Spags doesn't coach them to do it. You're absolutely right it's intentional, they're just trying not to get caught.

  24. Playing like that is a big reason why we beat the Bills easily in the AFCCG but then it backfired for us in the super bowl against the Bucs because that ref crew was calling everything- took away what could have been a huge interception.

  25. For sure. I'm not even saying it's the right strategy or right every time at least. It's just like how people get mad that our returners don't just kneel - that's Toub, not the returners basically dictating the play philosophy. Might be right, might be wrong, but it's not just the player, it's a way the coaches have decided to play and coached their players to do so.

  26. I love alliances, free loot for shit I’m not doing. That said, I’m always cautious as well. If I’m in an alliance and I see that alliance vessel b lining it for me I’m on high alert.

  27. I'm usually willing to alliance others, if for nothing else to be able to track them. The second you start making a beeline to me or hanging too close my crew is gearing up to fight.

  28. In the announcement trailer for alliances they literally mention backstabbing as a potential aspect. Definitely by design.

  29. What do you mean Jesus loved to drink. There was a wedding where it ran out of wine and he made more. Literally said his blood was wine. Jesus loved alcohol

  30. They were referring to selling out to corporate interests, of course.

  31. I don't, but you can find audio of the lines

  32. I'll be honest, I got about 60ish hours into my latest file when the freighter update hit. Was spending hours shooting ships in outlaw systems for a mediocre amount of the modules. So I went ahead and bit the bullet and did a duplication glitch. IMO getting all the insane amount of money from everything else pirated felt more game breaking than copying the moduals to let me do what I want on my ship.

  33. All the Chicago beating us so bad is so much fun. When you know the blatant hopium the rest of the league lives on against

  34. I think the Chicago loss is a bad sign for those who thought we'd be competitive this year. It just proves Andy Reid is losing it and can't come up with offense without his star quarterbacks like Mahomes and Buchele just running around and bailing him out. I'll give him one more shot, but if we don't put up 50 on Washington IMO he should just step down and let his son, Justin Reid take over. /s

  35. Definitely a cool idea. With the kraken, from what I've seen people say around here, it's a pretty big strain on the servers which is one of the reasons they're so rare and only spawn when no world event is active. So that might be different to implement. I wouldn't mind being able too do some sort of ritual to summon megs though.

  36. Oh Karl yes I've been dying for this for ages.

  37. He also has the same amount of postseason wins as Carr

  38. Fewer playoff losses than Patrick Mahomes too.

  39. Cryo have actually fallen by the wayside for me. I take ifg to complement Bullets of Mercy and/or Zuhkovs or the Boltshark. Or Pheromones for long lasting big group cc. Maybe it's the robots, or maybe it's my use of cryo bolts with the Boltshark but I just don't feel like I need cryo nades in every mission anymore. I'd love to see scout get some sort of raw damage grenade. Some very limited aoe damage with some weird spin on it just to give him something fresh and new for scout.

  40. Just my own experience, but seems like most scouts who join my games (Haz 5 lobbies) pick IFG. I think at lower Hazards you probably do have a lot fewer picks of IFG than cryo, but IMO at higher ones where swarms are faster, constantly spawning, and players tend to synergize builds more, the IFG really shines and the pick rate changes. Could just be my own experiences though.

  41. Oh no a sports announcer did the whole "This team wants it more" cheesy bit. Drink!

  42. There have been a ton of people hanging out in the hallways and such. Doesn't feel as much as advertised but probably not as bad as it looks on steam.

  43. Pause and there should be a tab to restore saves at the top.

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