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  1. There goes all the fantasy of the occasion thanks a lot.

  2. am i missing something? what benefits are there from doing that lol?

  3. Deranking so you play with people below your skill level. It’s the only downside to being able to go down actual ranks instead of just tiers.

  4. my favorite part of this is how dude thinks he's going to hide those funds lol. maybe if they never like get a loan or something together?

  5. If your rich enough you don’t really check you bank account or have to apply for loans that aren’t business related which once again if your rich enough probably will have nothing to do with your partner and more to do with whatever business your applying for the loan for.

  6. Almost definitely someone involved in some sort of role play subreddit who messaged you by accident.

  7. This shit is so inspirational. I’m gonna make posters.

  8. Pointing out stuff like that gets you fatal car accidents.

  9. I’m sure it’s plenty illegal but unless you have text or documents of them offering the job as full time I doubt you can do much about it.

  10. Jesus Christ. I expected you to be like 15/16. Is she still having her school paid for by them or something? If your that serious with her ask her to move out with you? It’s a little fast but under certain circumstances fast isn’t always a terrible thing.

  11. Fine we’ll all eat ass and mind our own business and we will all communally decide double dipping is ok.. you asked for it not us.

  12. Why do gay people get a whole month but veterans who die or get injured for their country only get a few days

  13. Veterans have a whole month it’s not anyones fault but yours that you don’t know about it.

  14. You keep capitalizing MULTIPLAYER as if your saying COOP and you’re not. Multiplayer games do not have to have a team. And the problem with a game straight up requiring a team is the fact not everyone has friends that play this game or have had luck meeting randoms they vibe with. And you keep tossing about getting penalized for not using teamwork as if I as a solo gave any control over what the two randoms do. I can call out plays all day long but it doesn’t matter when I’m either muted bc they’re in party chat or just straight up ignore me bc they don’t know me and would rather run their plan that they don’t have a mic to coordinate. If I drop and get 5 kills revive both my team mates and finish with 1600 damage but finish in 15th place bc my team refuses to coordinate losing points is going to piss me off. I of course don’t do much public complaining about the issue. Just haven’t touched apex since i figured out how impossible that shit is to solo Q. Plus I hate storm point but that’s besides the point lol.

  15. I solo q daily live on stream and you can see how I make teammates better by staying close to them. Trying to lead them in best places if they don’t follow I’ll follow them to keep team together. We have decent results from that alone. You can watch my vods and see it in action. I am not the best player and I cannot carry all the time just try my best to make my team better, I get what you saying but after playing apex from day one still to now players do coordinate enough to do decent. It’s frustrating when those who don’t and are a mess but it comes with solo q. That isn’t really a ranked system issue just bad players. Regardless of the rank system. More focused on how ranked on solo q feels. As on twitter people try to make it a issue when I believe ranked is at its best ever.

  16. I’ve also been playing since season 0 and I totally get what you’re saying. I wouldn’t even consider myself upset any of the changes tbh. I completely understand apex is about teaming up and having good aim but personally the amount of work it takes to get out of out of bronze-gold without a premade is just a little to much to me. I have little doubt that if I went into every game with the intention of protecting my teammates constantly I could get there but the game is just no fun for me that way and I have some disorders that make playing games with friends constantly very difficult so as it stands apex just isn’t the game for me. But if I ever find a magic lamp and a genie comes out one of my wishes will be for a solo and solo ranked but I know good and well unless I find that lamp it’s not gonna happen.

  17. I intentionally blew one in middle school by jamming a pencil up my nose in the bathroom because the girl was older than me and knew all my friends and was being extremely forward almost to the point of full on SA. I hadn’t “told” her no because I was scared she’d go tell all my friends and everyone think differently of me for not wanting to because I mean most dudes did or said they did at the very least it was a dumb reason not to say no but I was a middle schooler and she was in high school and it was all very mentally intimidating but anyway I definitely wasn’t complying at all but she was about to pretty much take what she wanted anyway so I said “let me go to the bathroom” looked around for options and all i could find to help me was the pen. Came out gushing blood said I had to go. Neither of us ever really mentioned it after that and she moved about a year after. I don’t even think I’ve told this story but two times in my life.

  18. Tired of people telling other people to chill when they didn't get assaulted. Just stfu and enjoy the show.

  19. I’m not trying to watch someone get killed and not everyone is aware of how sensitive the human head can be especially in the heat of a moment.

  20. Set her free. No matter how this goes someone’s gonna resent the other if you stay together.

  21. Don’t make the mistake of attaching yourself to someone your incompatible. Everyone just has a really bad time.

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