1. use the untrade dupes as regular fodder and keep the rest for the next months.

  2. Yeah could make a twitter for FUT and footy.

  3. How y’all got the 83+ already. I swear I did all the login upgrades

  4. All keepers feel the exact same to me. I had his gold and I replaced with neuer and honestly couldn’t tell the difference

  5. Its still 96-rated fodder, if you dislike him. Pope Gold performs better than his showdown for some people. GKs are a thing for themselves.

  6. Fair point mate I’ll take that? Side note. You getting any issues finding a game atm. Trying to play fit champs and says no opponents can be found

  7. in exchange for WC-Tokens. Some red card

  8. I have the same conflict... I was about to do him since I needed a good LB but now that I'm using 93 Bale at LB I'm leaning more towards the Pogba SBC.

  9. That one is under a platform in the same area as the Valkyrie/hidden chamber of odin is (not inside it). If you’re standing in front of the wheel that boy broke earlier in the game it should be left from there. And require the shock arrow to explode the crystal on it.

  10. Counted for me as a sub, are you sure that it didn't count because you didn't concede a goal? (Has to be one only).

  11. Squad battles correct difficulty and conceded more than one. It says minimum 1 conceded goal in the description tho. That was the error then.

  12. It says and I quote "score using Japanese players in 3 seperate matches while conceding NO MORE than 1 goal per match" where does it say "minimum 1 conceded goal" in the description?

  13. I can send a picture when Im home. The translation is bad

  14. It seems to be an 92 POTM, therefore, i would hold my fodder for something else.

  15. why should he only be as good as his inform?

  16. this is being leaked for now, they did the same for Valverde POTM

  17. The Valverdes got released during the same week if im not mistaken. The inform Mbappe is a few months old. What an L

  18. Yeah definitely need to try something out, valverde does seem to be a weak link when it comes to leaking in goals, Marquinhos too I think?

  19. I never played with him for longer than a week

  20. If you are too predictable and all of your oponents have an advantage because of that, you might want to switch up your strategy from time to time.

  21. Van Djik is an L and Cancelo has been better than Hakimi imo

  22. Are you refering to Mbappe winning the motm?

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