1. By the way why exactly are they called the kremlin? Kinda sounds like goblin to me lmao

  2. I cant seem to get anything above 94 from icon picks πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  3. It solely depends on the amount of Picks you're completing.

  4. I got him too late, but he is still amazing.

  5. click the thing, then the thing, and type, and click the thing. easy

  6. 3/10 your fullbacks are one of the best. GK might play good for you, but not fullchem and the rest isnt good ingame.

  7. make sure to buy a bronze player I guess

  8. There is a screen warning you that you use players in certain squads and it boots you off if you rush pressing x on ps

  9. got everyone but Ginola twice. the tendency is clear

  10. How does it feel to know your comment is serving other gamers over a year later? Thank you

  11. Cant believe I havnt played this game in over 6 months. I hope that it still works for you

  12. I took a long break and just got back into illegal DS loving the new systems :)

  13. I thought Sucker Punch wouldnt add anything new. Iit worth looking into it again?

  14. I would rather play Perisic than Ronaldo on LM

  15. Is Ruben Dias fine on RB? Sorry for so many questions but this is first year that im properly playing FUT, I've been CM player so far haha

  16. What formation do you use ingame? Dias isnt good enough to play as a rb, someone like e.g Kounde would be better, because of his high dribbling and passing

  17. I dont know what formation you play ingame, but I need more midfielders

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