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  1. I mean, he’s more valuable alive then dead. He can be interrogated now.

  2. He's also a symbol. And he'll tell his friends and family and his fellow POWs.

  3. Yeah it’s not like sex sells in entertainment in general or anything….

  4. This is something else, though. I mean, what are they trying to sell?

  5. I remember there was a native girl in my class when I was really young (like maybe 6ish?) and I was absolutely convinced that she could talk to trees like Pocahontas. She kept telling me she couldn't and I didn't believe her. I remember getting annoyed and being like "just tell me what they say!"

  6. Oh wow, that's hilarious. Don't feel bad about it, kids usually are at least a bit not entirely reasonable.

  7. Damn he made Bolsonaro seem based for once

  8. My thoughts exactly. How wrong do you have to be to make Bolsonaro seem like the bigger man?

  9. She didn't start the fight, but she ended it. And when Red came at her again, she handled it calmly and decisively. That's the perfect amount of self control (even though I kinda have to admit I may have hoped for her to yeet Red into the bowl).

  10. I know this may come as a shock to you but you can buy slaves and set them free to get good pop growth.

  11. My UNE regularly buys up the entire slave market and settles them on new planets according to their needs. I wonder whether some of those pops walked right into the slavers' holds to get off their forsaken hellworlds.

  12. Honestly though, mate, I hope your date goes well and both of you end up thoroughly enchanted by each other.

  13. Yeah same, greetings from cologne

  14. Checking in from Hamburg, one of the world's largest ports perfectly situated for receiving transatlantic reinforcements isn't a valuable target, is it?

  15. Didn't Ukraine announce that POWs that weren't involved in war crimes and want to stay can get asylum in Ukraine?

  16. My mother also denies that she's Q, yet she parrots everything they believe. It's awful. We rarely speak. My sister is deep into a whole different set of conspiracy theories that she pulls from TikTok. We no longer speak. It gets easier. Stay strong.

  17. Which kind of conspiracy theories is spread via TikTok, if I may ask? Probably not the usual Q kind targeting older age cohorts. Antivax maybe?

  18. Ireland doesn't get it's gas from Russia, we had own gas fields but our corporate stupid government sold it all to Shell for nothing

  19. That sounds like a lot of things, but it really doesn't sound like a Green Agenda. We usually don't like giving huge gifts to fossil fuel multinationals. Fossil fuels in general are kinda not our thing.

  20. A day in to the war. This is one of the better supplied units. They have fucking other, less violent options to stop traffic on the roads (blockades, parking on the road, warning shots, speaker alerts to incoming cars) but instead they resort to killing everyone. They’re not firing warning shots, that lady stopped like she didn’t even know what was going on and tried to help that guy. So they must’ve been doing this everywhere. There must be a huge amount of unmarked mass graves hidden all around Ukraine. This is what makes it hard for me to believe that the soldiers aren’t complicit with the monstrosity that is Putin and his cadre of elites.

  21. IDK if that makes it better or worse, but apparently, these aren't army soldiers. They're OMON and Rosgvardiya - police special forces and paramilitary gendarmerie. They were sent into Kyiv to "police" the populace and arrest (and likely kill) Ukrainian officials.

  22. Thank God Florida keeps an eye on The Gays[tm] so they can't groom kids by existing, right?

  23. Germany got better, btw give euromonies reparations please. But seriously, no one really expects the Germans to invade and demand Silesia again. It’s almost like holding a grudge over the Deluge at this point (speaking of, there are Polish politicians who periodically say they’ll get reparations out of Sweden for that)—it’s an old wound.

  24. I understand the enduring resentment towards Germany. What Germany did to the Polish people was unfathomably vile, and there is a long history of... Animosity (partitioning Poland several times will do that). But yeah, we're no threat to the existence of Poland as a country and the Poles as a people today. Russia is.

  25. One of Putin's gravest sins is making the PiS kinda-sorta right about something.

  26. Golden age total wars(rtw and medieval 2) were great at launch.

  27. In Rome 1.0, the AI would march their army right into arrow range during sieges and let them stand there while their rams and siege towers trundled towards your walls one at a time. That's how I beat a massive Scipii army just by waiting.

  28. Among the red ones? Yeah, they're also the ones with a decent population size, so it makes sense.

  29. Texas is second after California (by a large margin) and Florida is... Fourth, I think. What are you on about?

  30. You kids think of me as essentially a cop, right?

  31. I recently remembered that bit. That was surprisingly dark for a show like that because that persona and that family's shituation were so real.

  32. It's sad, and embarrassing, that he actually proposed we trade Puerto Rico for Greenland.

  33. Imagine his surprise when he realises Greenland isn't full of Nordic bikini models and has a darker-skinned native population.

  34. In England in the early 1600s, there were pamphlets printed arguing about “man-like women” who wore men’s clothing and against cross-dressing in general (though a response pamphlet was printed supporting women wearing men’s clothes.) They were entitled “Hic Mulier” and “Haec Vir,” respectively. Fundies always think they’re treading new ground when it comes to this stuff and it always makes me laugh to watch them have arguments at least as old as the 1620s.

  35. US fundamentalists view the "pilgrims" as victims.of religious persecution so vile, they had to leave Europe. They never consider the puritans were such shitheads that people just wanted to be rid of them. The persecution complex is old.

  36. They never consider that freedom of religion could be seen as freedom to practice a religion that their own country thought had become a pain in the ass, but they would travel across the sea to continue being pains in the ass, and forcing new people to also become pains in the ass.

  37. It's not even a backpack, that's just a fucking sack with a piece of cord on it. It's LARPing as a backpack, like how Russia is LARPing as a modern military.

  38. Speaking as a LARPer, most people I meet there put a lot of hours into their gear. This would be fine for a beginner who hasn't decided on a character concept yet and goes for cheap and disposable.

  39. If you go to Ukraine, you will die.

  40. Their newest post is pure fucking cope:

  41. Not really , still too grandeur and personal. This text is like you are thinking about the victim too much = you are not in a position of power = losing in slavs mind.

  42. Are you talking about Ho Chi Minh City? There hasn’t been a Saigon for close to 50 years

  43. Yeah, but naming a city after someone who's been alive in the past 100 years is cringe.

  44. Yes. He’s of the opinion that preventing genocide in Yugoslavia was bad because it was intervention, or because the US did it, or because the US also committed genocide at some point in history, or whatever other talking point he’s trying to make up because he doesn’t actually have any valid or sound arguments.

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