[Highlight] Steph Curry Hits the Night-Night 3

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  1. There's no way you can tell me that Draymond of last season couldn't score 7-10 a game. He had more games of 2 and below then above 7. You're telling me he couldn't make cuts to the basket, drives, occasional shot and FTs to NOT HAVE GAMES OF ZERO POINTS?

  2. It's always like this every year lol. Magic were on a hot start one year then they had one of the worst records

  3. do you know which year that was? I'd love to check out their record

  4. In the name of Chris Paul, HOW DID POOLE GET A BIGGER BAG THAN WIGGINS???????

  5. 140 million dollar man to the g league for another tune up?

  6. This literally sounds insane. Not your thought, but the fact that it could be a possibility

  7. In the name of Chris Paul, HOW DID POOLE GET A BIGGER BAG THAN WIGGINS???????

  8. How is PJ Tucker still in the league... he was talking bare big-man talk on LeBron's show prior to the season starting and now the man is barely capable of making a shot.

  9. They were injured bro. They didn’t have facial reconstruction surgery.

  10. Cristiano Ronaldo echoed similar statements to what Ben said in this

  11. When OV had his 32-goal season right after his 3-year dominance, we had articles like

  12. There is some people that like to make it a big deal, but it's not. Everybody have ups and down, when your down is 32 goals, the player isn't the problem.

  13. Last season was different because he missed training camp and was injured in the beginning of the season. Once he was back to normal he went off.

  14. Well yeah In his morning interview he was apologetic and specifically apologized to the Jewish community and people that were hurt, and the only quote that got posted here was the one about him saying why he got defensive and didn’t initially apologize.

  15. Pure facts. This sub screams for transparency and then does this

  16. This title is so crap. He actively avoided taking about anything except the game, praised his teammates, and was straight up asked as to what he would do regarding any "grievance". His interview was solid.

  17. You’ll find out on your wedding day

  18. I saw him on Bay Street in T.O once last year, I yelled "Yuta!" and he smiled and gave a thumbs up, I haven't washed my entire body since.

  19. I seen him on Bremner Blvd but he was too far away to say anything. Think he was getting a hotdog

  20. Jesus Christ. How do you lose by an average of 27/game? Weren't they like 5-1 or something to start the season?

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