1. Honestly there is full guides on YouTube just watch one and follow the steps. That is if you don’t mind using guides.

  2. Some of the nerfs seem like temporary fixes to mitigate the effect of bugs. I doubt Arthur really needed a nerf, and Kelly's issue was the buff applying to ranged, both of their changes seem like they're band-aid fixes (that didn't need a new client version) until the real fix is ready to be rolled

  3. I wonder if they nerfed Arthur due to data or them expecting more warrior/Arthur comps due to the hunter changes.

  4. No how about you make 25 videos in a row beating random demons on a winning streak with your buddies like other people have done with demons to show how easy it is as I suggested you do and you totally ignored that?

  5. Running into solos and inexperienced players will give you a win streak. Play against some of these good 4 stacks, you’ve had an offer from OP.

  6. How is this a "counter". The demon has you locked into one spot making no progress as they level up and get stronger? This is exactly what they are supposed to do.

  7. Bare in mind this demon is level 16/17 and you can see how easy they’re countering the basics. I advise you to play both sides, as demon run the basic rush build against good teams and see the outcome. Teams are improving and focussing possessions, the demon didn’t really gain anything in this video bar a few hits where they didn’t dodge.

  8. I unfortunately ran into the same person earlier. They were playing Arthur and would one shot my possessions/boss

  9. Do you know who it was? I think it was the kelly but I have no clue

  10. Your Cheryl was the Arthur in my match which was cheating.

  11. You need to hold your Mark button. Alt by default.

  12. Warlord basic puke build is countered by playing very closely together. It will still be hard but warlord thrives at catching players out of position or away from their team. Stay close together, focus the possessions and you will have a much better chance.

  13. Can anyone confirm this? Haven't heard anything and had no update, nothing on their Twitter and most game companies release patches on Tuesdays for console. I don't think there is a patch

  14. I can confirm this, tested it for survivor and puppet.

  15. Half the time I’ve tried it before the match even starts you’re down team mates. With no backfill option you’re then just stuck at the disadvantage.

  16. If you don’t have the candies and dust to do it atm hold of from powering until you have them. By then you might find a better one and won’t have wasted resources.

  17. Allow him some sort of bonus to zip lining, maybe healing while on the zip? Increased speed etc.

  18. I’ll be honest, before I had any hairloss I used to worry in general so much about my hair being perfect or about it being cut perfectly. I used to stress so much before going to my stylist to get it cut that it became a fear. I tied so much to my appearance from my hair. I learnt later down the road when I started suffering with hair-loss and decided to shave it that my identity or what makes me me wasn’t tied to my hair.

  19. I’ve had really bad unstable ping issues for some reason. Not sure if it’s servers or me. Prediction errors showing.

  20. We know no news of if/when it’s coming.

  21. Bruh I can’t even access it, it says “complete prologue” but there is no prologue

  22. It’s by your daily quests just click start prologue. Same place you check the weeklies as well.

  23. Just go into his channel and type !sens you will most likely get it. I know it isn’t that high.

  24. I like both.. depends how I’m feeling.. I’m enjoying the car atm.

  25. No you’re the first to mention this :)

  26. Wait for the updated control before giving up on it. They will have taken all the comments and gone away to add improvements to the issues which we had with the test.

  27. Just keep playing blood hound and you’ll eventually get it. The better you get the more this type of damage will happen when teams are alive. I mean if you run charge rifle to poke damage that’s fine as well. Don’t worry too much about the badge.

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