1. Oh nice. I just read up about the notes on this one recently. Sounds nice!

  2. I'm waiting for my bags to ship with my original add-ons, so nothing here pulling me in.

  3. Or awkwardly playing Frogger dodging the waiters rushing out of the restaurant or out of the sheds while you're taking a walk.

  4. Jesus I read dead cat brought back and I was like WTF. Then I read it again and realized I was stupid

  5. After I finished watching the very sweet video, I clicked to read the comments because this is exactly what I did and I’m glad I wasn’t alone.

  6. Only humans should be allowed on sidewalks. Only human powered vehicles should be allowed in the bike lane. All electric or gas powered vehicles should require a license (the existing motorcycle license and test works perfectly for e-bikes and scooters), legally be required to drive on roads, and fined heavily for driving in the bike lane or sidewalk (frankly driving a powered vehicle on sidewalks should come with criminal charges as well).

  7. I agree with the one exception being that mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs and assist devices should also be, naturally, allowed on the sidewalk.

  8. I'm down to two remaining bugs and both of these are difficult for being rarer spawns and the walking stick only spawns from 5-7pm (I'm still working for part of that time) and 4-8am.

  9. I caught the Golden Stag last night. I dug up the palm trees from my island and transplanted on to the Mystery Island. I was planning to cut down all the trees, but got lucky and landed on the bamboo one. Pulled all the weeds, plucked all the flowers.

  10. I have been doing that a lot over the past week or so. I had about six remaining bugs until I started, and now I’m down to the final two.

  11. Starting to see the bags trickle in and mine hasn’t even shipped yet. I know it takes longer to ship if you order extra items and both of my bags this month have add-ons but it would be great if I at least got a shipping notice.

  12. Wow, such haters in this thread.

  13. I'm a fan of all three leads, and was still impressed by her work in the episode. I'm also someone with PTSD and who knows the buried memories thing well, and she was so good playing all of that out in this episode, as well as all of the various things/clues about Mabel that built up to this point.

  14. I clicked and said I had already finished this survey, making me think it was the same one I did in the app the other day.

  15. Good. There's money that left over that could bridge the gap without making steep cuts. Comptroller Brad Lander said there's about $5 billion in leftover Covid aid the DOE could tap with an authorized budget.

  16. I have gotten GBP in the past on the 6th or 7th of a month (and GB with no add-ons that early too once or twice) but it seems so rare.

  17. I got Juliette Has a Gun Lili Fantasy with each bag (because I had checked out with my GBP and then decided I should get two)

  18. He is dead because of bail reform. He should have never been released

  19. His case had nothing to do with bail reform. The judge set bail in his case, his family paid 500k to have him released. There WAS bail set, and the charges he faced are not included in any bail reform.

  20. I think his bail was set at 500k, so they paid the 50k. Either way they should have definitely not let him have bail.

  21. No, his bail was "$500,000 or a $10 million bond" according to reporting. His brother showed up with a half million $ check to bail the guy out.

  22. They're not enforcing the laws, nor resourcing agencies to be able to enforce them. Leave your NYC bubble and you'd see or know this.

  23. It is legal to seek asylum here. To do so, you have to show up to the border crossing and request it. People making journeys to the border/crossing and requesting asylum isn't 'a problem at the southern border'. They are following the legal process for requesting asylum.

  24. The day kept escalating with more and more tests, I was only supposed to get a regular ultrasound, and it felt so invasive. I was just afraid in general and very upset.

  25. I empathize with your feelings and experience. I didn't cry the first time, but I did dissociate. It happened similarly, where they said they wanted to do an ultrasound to check on a potential cyst but I had no idea it was invasive. I have PTSD from being raped and that ultrasound was several years later. So I dissociated. No cyst. No more of those.

  26. I have Rolf, Apollo, Fang, Dobbie and had Walt and Chief but let them go for Shino and Sasha once the update dropped

  27. I once had Rolf show up at my campsite but my island was full and I didn't want to gamble. I need to find him one day. He became one of my favorites in New Leaf and reminded me of my late grandpa.

  28. i’m thinking of getting rid of daisy and gayle to swap them out for a cranky and sisterly, i need to find a nice snooty tho bc i had pecan and she was a B LOL

  29. I chose perfume (Juliette Has a Gun Magnolia Bliss) and shampoo/conditioner packets last time. I got a wash-off mask packet and a foundation bubble card for a formula I can't even use. Which was why I picked perfume and another product that I could use.

  30. Me: Yay, I just got two foundations over the past 8 months (LYS and Nars Light Reflecting) but let me just peek.

  31. I pick items many months but sometimes when I see the choice items there’s nothing I want to bet my entire bag on because when you pick an item you are only limited to the variations they have that contain that item.

  32. I was told if you let ipsy pick they will pick from the variations that were offered in the choices. I tried it once and that happened to me. Do I need to not look at the choices at all? If so, how do you know you didn't get a product from the choice list?

  33. I got two products from the choice list this month, but if you don't pick an item for choice day, Ipsy just uses:

  34. He was sued by the guy on the film set and that was set to go to trial in July but, basking in the media attention and favorable verdict, he quickly settled with the guy he allegedly punched on set and threatened. No surprise at all.

  35. I have not purchased any GBX month because there's too much skincare for me and when there is makeup, it's usually bland and neutral. Paying attention to spoilers helps me decide, and as much as I'd love to treat myself even one of these quarters, so far they've been mostly skincare options, with middle of the road colors when there is makeup, trying to appeal to the widest possible audience. So I get it, and unless the spoilers start looking really different, I keep passing on GBX.

  36. I’m actually shocked that you recently received a product from a company that’s out of business in your Ipsy bag, I would reach out to them to make sure it isn’t expired.

  37. This was a while ago, so they might have still been alive back then. Though Ipsy did have two Bite Beauty products in choice options and add-ons yesterday. They're not dead yet but they're shutting down with everything on clearance, and what's the point of potentially finding something new to like under those circumstances?

  38. :O I heard people swore by their lip masks and lip therapy, then it got reformulated. Are the new ones any good? I’m wondering if I should get any.

  39. I never tried the new formula, but lots of people hated it since they turned all their products vegan and removed the lanolin from the lip treatment.

  40. Meanwhile, tens of thousands are awaiting the 2-3 year wait for a trial at home, able to keep their jobs and retain family connections, and about 90% make all of their court dates.

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