1. After a month of dating we finally decided to have sex. He told me I was bad at it so I dumped him

  2. Not taking sides, but you could've worked that out together instead of just dumping him

  3. No faces, no images, if the world is one, there isnt enough bills to be equal to everyone. Just make each bill a different color with the value printed on it and a serial number.

  4. The only way you could have that in bedrock is with RTX, otherwise you'll need Java edition because Bedrock's shaders are very basic

  5. "Delicious as always. Do you think the new neighbours will notice they're missing?"

  6. Probably none of them. I never quite understood the whole needing to see celebrities naked stuff.

  7. Shoot fireworks at the people getting married

  8. Host it yourself from your device, or use something like Aternos

  9. Religion, not sure about other schools or countries, but all the schools I've been to, had a Religion subject, and no one took it seriously, sometimes not even the teachers

  10. Gonna take a lot more than one thing.

  11. Why can’t it be more than one?

  12. You're supposed to dart your tongue back and forth really fast.

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