1. Fact 13: People will believe anything you tell them as long as it’s a compliment, even if it’s a lie

  2. OH and if you ever go to dubai go to rolldxb!! really fun place alone or w friends

  3. What's the fuel efficiency like on your patrol? Is it really that bad like it mentions on the sticker at the showroom? Do you have the V6 or V8? I want one but I have a feeling they're not great for daily commute from Sharjah to business bay...

  4. I have the V8 and tbh I never really checked the average I get but it gets me around 600km on a full tank (city drive in Abu Dhabi)

  5. Ok so what you need to do is just transfer at least 1 song from iTunes on your pc/laptop to your iPhone. Then connect your phone to your car and play the song that's in your music library! Once it starts playing you can go to Spotify or documents or YouTube whatever and play anything you like and it will be playing through your car speakers!

  6. Sorry I meant how are you collecting payment… like what merchant processor? PayPal? strip?

  7. I think their website builder is a little limited to do that unfortunately….

  8. i’m a complete newbie to this and have no clue on how to make a website by word press so I thought of using a website builder

  9. They are names of two brazilian coffee beans from meraki cafe in AD, conveniently named after their exact places of origin.

  10. Try sao silvestre / fazenda Santa Barbara beans from meraki cafe

  11. sort of off-topic but I understood nothing in your sentence other than “beans” 😅😭

  12. Hahahahahaha I can't even... Try dragon mart. It's got everything unimaginable to the human mind

  13. I’d consider a different platform.

  14. I think if you just uncheck the “this is a physical product” in the shipping section of the product listing that should do it…

  15. I didn’t feel anything. Which area are you?

  16. well what you can do is miraculously gain 5 year’s experience in your field and then maybe some company will give you an entry level job with the bare minimum salary

  17. I guess I could be buried alive on November 30th, not doing anything else that day.

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