1. I’ll be Bach. (From the movie Terminator.) Bach was the name of a German composer.

  2. I don’t think this is that funny, but who am I to say. It gets my upvote.

  3. It isn’t self-flagellation. There isn’t anything wrong with being White. It’s just best to point out that I’m aware of my perspective.

  4. Actually, I don't apologize for the fact that the scales are tipped in my favor. I just recognize that they are. When my ancestors came to America, they were allowed to earn an income, own property, get married, raise their own children, and become citizens. If they had been Black or Native American, none of that would likely have been true for them. My ancestors passed on advantages (i.e., privileges) to me that other people's ancestors didn't pass on to them. I didn't do anything wrong in inheriting my privilege -- and I'm not, therefore, sorry for it -- but it would be bad if I didn't recognize that I have privileges.

  5. This doesn't surprise me at all. This is the same guy who told voters "don't monkey this up" when he was running against a Black man in 2018. The thought that someone this racist could become president (and is the governor of a state) shows just how much work this country still needs to do.

  6. While the power of our radio signals is a very good question/concern to focus on, what makes any communication with other life improbable is time.

  7. Maybe maple, but the cathedral grain doesn’t quite look sharp enough to me. Maybe birch? Can your fingernail deny it? If not, let’s go with maple.

  8. I cant fingernail dent it, but after sanding with 80 grit i can scuff it kinda with my nail but i dont think it is a softwood

  9. Probably maple then. Even if it’s birch, which is still pretty hard, they stain similarly.

  10. We’re probably all thinking it; I’ll ask. Why? (Seriously, though, it actually looks really nice and you can take a lot of pride in it. Well done.)

  11. The joke is very gouda, but I thought the "META" tag was explicitly for posts that are not trying to be a joke (rule 7.)

  12. Are there two different species there? I can’t quit tell. If so, a chess/checker board might be nice.

  13. Assuming you survived--which you wouldn't--I don't think the passage of time would seem to change for you. You would move much slower through time than someone outside the black hole so relative to them it might appear that time stopped for you. But, you could still do things like look at your watch, touch your ear, and anything else. You wouldn't notice the difference. This is all, of course, assuming you survived--which you wouldn't. If you ever come to a black hole, I don't recommend falling in to test this hypothesis. ;-) Have I mentioned that you wouldn't survive--because you wouldn't.

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