500 Year old Inca girl preserved!

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  1. For a minute I was convinced these were made out of fuse beads

  2. This is going to get buried but I work as a community organizer and we call this “the problem with negative experiences with power”. Police interactions are very much an expression of dominant power, they are using the threat of violence and the state against you. Having more negative experiences with dominant power, often bad landlords or bosses, makes people take themselves out of the experience of collective power - voting, civic participation etc. This clear documentation is a really interesting illustration organizers have been seeing and experiencing empirically for decades.

  3. That guy from guardians of the galaxy…every time you mention it on Reddit tho people get mad.

  4. I’m non vegan, skinny, but have high cholesterol lol

  5. More plants is the answer…really it’s the fiber…but also the antioxidants and anti inflammatorys. Edit: no spell good

  6. The healthiest people I’ve met are vegans who went back to eating meat. Usually when going vegan they become a lot more aware of what they are putting in their body. And then when they go back and are getting more protein and are more likely to be filling that need for their body they’re usually more likely to source their meat well.

  7. The good news is that I don’t hit my kids. Cycle broken.

  8. You mean the 7 year old isn't going grocery shopping for their own food or researching best exercise habits and healthy foods? What a lazy kid!

  9. All my 7 year old does is eat junk and lay around, dude is underweight, because he has a low appetite, got nothing to do with my parenting lol

  10. World of Warcraft, I would just start explaining different features, things I wish I could change and things I love.

  11. I bet you could still butter her biscuit Edit: Come on a necro joke on WTF getting downvotes on a technically 515 year old woman what is the state of WTF humor coming too!

  12. My friend went to brown with her and confirmed that something like this happened.

  13. My cousin used to make her coffee and said all the hairy potter jokes were insufferable

  14. Eh you’re so right, players follow the racials. Justice for pandas improve their racials!

  15. The fact we have known sexual assaulters on our Supreme Court makes me know that no women are safe.

  16. The Supreme Court works for the republicans. The republicans work for the corporations. The corporations work for billionaire old white dudes. Man or woman, lgbtq, all races, were all going to suffer. Even the republican voters, because all they care about is owning the libs.

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