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  1. "Who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord." Lesbian marriage it is!

  2. I'm so sorry it happened to you! It makes me really frustrated, that there are still people who won't listen and respect you, they pretend to know your feelings better than you. I hope you'll find someone cute, with more understanding, soon.

  3. Oh wise floating head. Tell me which cheese burger is the cheesiest of them all.

  4. Wise Floating Head has spoken: "Oh puny mortal! Didn't you know, that all cheese burgers belong to me? Bring them to me snd I shall devour them all and than I shall tell you my judgment."

  5. I’m slowly starting to realise that it isn’t me training the kitty, it’s her training me to accept my new life!

  6. Both of you! I'm here, I know the feeling and I do care. Please don't give up

  7. From my own experience: yes, a lot. But I was lucky to find a great therapist. Don't expect a miracle tho. Therapy needs time and a lot of work. It took me few months before I actually started to talk, but it worked in the end. I wouldn't say I'm happy all the time now. There are still days when I want crawl into a dark corner and die, but thanks to therapy I'm not scared of those days anymore. I know how it works and I have the capacity to managed my depression.

  8. At first I read Bagel/Bracelet and thought "wow, what a wide skillset"

  9. Schrödinger's bi: you're potentially both straight and gay, you'll never know, until you meet the person

  10. Yes, she's aware and she's using this charm to manipulate you. Don't even try to safe yourself, it's already too late.

  11. I actually like your cats. They are very gracious and kinda liquid - as cats should be

  12. My therapist used to say: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself... but not more than yourself!" It's not about stop helping others or valuing yourself above others. It's about self-care and setting boundaries in a way, that will protect yourself. It's a "healthy selfishness". Just think of it: even at first aid courses we're learning to care about safety of ourselves at the very first place. First pkace warning triangle, then go save orhers. Because you won't help anyone, if you'll get hit by the next car.

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