1. Huh, sum1 does care 4 me! My own teacher! I wuv her so much! >w<

  2. I wish I had a caregiver 2 get rid of these thoughts 4 me... I need love from a caregiver...

  3. I'm fucking shaking rn.... I wish I had sum1 2 hlp me... 2 comfort me....2 tell me that everything is going 2 b OK and there's nothing 2 worry abt....

  4. Tbh I have no idea wut allosexual/romantic means. Can some1 explain 4 me?

  5. It’s an imaginary place you create for the purpose of mentally escaping into it for comfort. A lot of people also refer to the mental space in which they can speak to their alters a head space. These two are very closely linked if not the same exercise if I’m not mistaken. Many people with dissociative disorder are prone to employing this kind of escape and comfort strategy themselves in some way, but any person multiple or single can already have a headspace so don’t feel bad about not having one yet. You can start off simple and make a general structure. Start with, am I a house with rooms, a planet with continents, both of those, neither of those whatever. Then you can customize the space for each alter from your knowledge of them that you may have gained from journaling or therapy. When you’re overwhelmed try to remember these safe spaces like a mental calming down exercise. I think that’s all I know. I just winged it. You can put literally anything in the head space because it’s a mental place you have created yourself.

  6. I do have one more question though. Since the headspace is imaginary, how is it possible for alters to be seen there while I'm imagining it?

  7. Thank you for the clarification! I appreciate it very much! So far in my headspace, I'm making "a little kid in nature" kinda feel. An open space with nice soft grass, a small freshwater pond with small fishes in it and a tall tree with a huge tree house inside! Very spacious for me and my alters to just chill! ^

  8. well theres non-possessive switches and possessive ones. non-possessive switches feel like a change in affect, personality, age, name, appearance, etc but youre still in control of your body and have agency. possessive switches feel like youve literally been possessed. your body is moving on its own without your input.

  9. Is it still possible to have slight amnesia though? Like remembering what happened while another alter was present but not everything. For example, I don't remember what I was feeling in a certain situation but I remember it happening.

  10. Just searched it up and I can relate to it a lot! Thanks!

  11. Being asexual just means you have little to no sexual attraction to other people, you can still find sex enjoyable and like it. A lot of asexuals are sex repulsed and therefore don't want to do it, others may be sex indifferent, which means they don't really mind doing it, but don't need it and some are sex favorable, which means they like and enjoy doing it, and those are still asexual. It's about how often/if you find people sexually attractive and not whether you want sex or not.

  12. Ohhhhh! Alright! Thanks for the clarification!

  13. One of my fursonas is a parrot, wut abt them?

  14. oh btw! my pronouns are they/he/it/ze/murk/gunk/star/rot/rawr/pink/blue

  15. Not sure if I read your questions correctly, but yeah, I do believe I have more knowledge than the average people my age. Due to me being around 6-11, me being alive for longer than those years, as well as me being a very curious person, I do have more knowledge than average kids my age I do act younger than my mental age sometimes, and yeah, I do feel I have to hide it. It sucks, because I just wanna run around and play with toys all day.

  16. Is that what people mean when they describe someone as an “old soul”? Someone wise beyond their years?

  17. That's a curious question. If they exist, I'd imagine there are less of them than us, because generally maturity and mental age goes in a straight line. Meaning that people have to go through being young first before they can be mentally old, so people are more likely to stop along the way than they are to get to that point, y'know? And the ones that would feel ahead would already have to be way ahead as is because they probably wouldn't be able tell, and would just assume everyone else is on their level. So many of the people who could qualify still wouldn't because they have to get there first as well. Does that makes sense?

  18. Yeah, I'd imagine them having their mental age and chronological age match then next year they're dysphoric again lol

  19. In most of my dreams I’m physically 13 (my mental age) and I’m in school. The first time I had a dream like that, I saw myself in a mirror in my dream and I looked like I did at 13 and it felt like I was seeing myself for the first time in years. And when I woke up and realized it was just a dream I was so sad that it wasn’t real I cried like all day

  20. Oof, yeah. I cry sometimes after I wake up from an amazing dream but i just hope it happens again!

  21. i'm so jealous but i'm glad some people get to have them, hearing about them makes me happy 🥲

  22. I understand this completely! I feel like I'm not my mental age and ik I'm not but I would like to feel like I'm a baby. But having those feelings make me feel more "mature". I hate too... :/

  23. Yayyyyy another little one like me! Yeah I used to think that I was just an age regressor that needed to get over the fact that feeling little felt the most me. Turns out that's it okay that little me feels like the real me. 🥰💗💖

  24. aww youre smol like me! i switch between ~13 and 2 but if i could be 2 most of the time i would be, i like it better and it feels more like me. 13's more about life experience/how i feel around adults.

  25. Tbh I think I feel around 5 when I'm around adults but I wanna be 2 ALL the time >w<

  26. Ayyyte imma cat therian too!! Also mermaid otherkin lol, questioning Golden retriever therian too!

  27. yeah !!! i have an invader zim shirt on right now actually !! ⭐️

  28. Well my spcial interest is a story a created! I love writing so I decided to make a handful (plus more) of characters and create each of their backstories! The only 2 people on earth that are interested in my special interests is my Lil bro and my fav uncle lol. I also love talking about cringe culture and how it should've died years ago lol. I love being a cringey autistic writer XD

  29. Through 1-3 grade, I've collected beanie babies. Not to Play with them, just to say I have em all. And I get disappointed when i couldn't get a new on for my collection XD

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